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Light machining center at KUKA Robot Manufacturing

A virtual tour of the KUKA robot factory

Experiencing a factory tour at KUKA – not an easy thing to do in times of Corona... Therefore, you can now start a virtual tour through our production. What will you see there?

This will be a whole new experience - let us surprise you!

On the one hand, you can see how the robots are assembled at our factory - and this already starts with the individual parts, which we prepare in advance for the different robot variants with the help of several robots in our machining shop. After that, components have to be assembled, which can be seen in our new production hall. Then comes the individual assembly of each robot - and there are both small and very large robot models that can lift up to 1.3 tons seemingly without much effort. Before it goes into the packaging, each individual robot must of course be tested and calibrated to ensure that it will work accurately at the customer's site.
Titan robot at work in the production
On the other hand, you can also see other parts of our headquarters in Augsburg, because there is not only the robot production to gaze at, but much more, such as our TechCenter or interesting mobile solutions and other KUKA products or you can choose another option and virtually visit the KUKA College and our new training center.
KMR iiwa screw logistics
Mobile Platform KMR iiwa

Start the video to get a taste of the virtual plant tour at KUKA!

Do you now feel like taking a tour of the plant?

If you are now interested in the virtual tour, please select a suitable date with the desired topic in your preferred language and secure the opportunity to experience a virtual plant tour at KUKA.
Please note that you can only access our virtual plant tour with this booking and a ticket.
If you encounter any problems in doing so, please feel free to contact us or make your plant tour request directly with our form.

Matrix Production

To enable our customers and other interested parties to take a look at our robot production despite the pandemic, we offer the virtual factory tour in German, English and Chinese. However, here on the English website, only the English-language appointments are offered.
Variant 1 is suitable for school classes or individual school pupils, as we discuss the training opportunities at KUKA here. Customers and technically interested people should rather opt for variant 2, where you can take a look at our TechCenter and our applications. Currently we offer the variant 1+2 combined, so that you can watch all 3 videos at one session (time required approx. 1 hour).
Select your desired topic and book your preferred appointment. Then you can visit the KUKA production world from the comfort of your own home. You can experience highlights online and also ask questions about the products shown in the film via chat. Join us on a virtual journey, accompanied and commented live by a member of the Visitor Management team!

Please understand that in this format we can only offer a standard factory tour. Therefore, only questions related to what is shown in the videos will be answered.
If you would like more details on a particular topic, please let us know by emailing us and we will be happy to refer you to the appropriate professional team.