Architect (m/f) for Robot API´s and SDK

3. März 2017


KUKA Robotics is looking for a Lead Architect “Robot API’s & SDK” to join KUKA’s R&D Team. KUKA wants to enable people to use and work with KUKA’s robot technology, hence creating an internal and external community. For this we want to support users with a powerful Robot SDK based on smart APIs from the lowest controller layer up to the controller edge and cloud layers. SDKs are used to create tailored solutions for different customers, and shared with third-parties so that they can add new values around the core products.  New features added by third-parties will expand our solution portfolio of the core products, broadening the product’s market appeal.   Third-party software can be co-marketed with the KUKA’s core products.  The community of customers, third-parties and even individual developers of the SDK forms a KUKA ecosystem that can further promote our core products.
We are interested in engineers who love building robust APIs and highly usable SDKs. We are looking for people that have a strong background in robotics and are able to combine best practices of API and SDK design from every area of computer science, including game development, app development for mobile devices, cloud services, etc. with robotics.
You will report directly to the head of cluster core.


  • Architect, design and define API’s and SDK for KUKA’s next generation controller software KR C5 OS based on Sunrise
  • Build-up and technically leading one or more APIs and SDK teams, work in close cooperation with the responsible lead product owner
  • Build-up a KUKA robot developer community in close cooperation with IT, marketing, product management and lead product owner
    Prepare and participate in TecCamps, developer conferences and trainings
  • Design and lead implementation of robot control APIs and SDKs
  • Help create and maintain API and SDK documentation and example code
  • Create a roadmap for robot APIs and SDKs in close cooperation with the product owner and the market side.
  • Manage APIs/SDK software repository including branch, merge and build strategy
  • View and validate new API code check ins
  • Act as a mentor, trainer and expert within the company and developer community
  • Close collaboration with the market side to support the build of a KUKA developer community
  • Act as an evangelist outside the company, present on conferences and other community events



  • Knowledge in realtime systems, safety critical systems and robotics
  • Proven knowhow in Platforms, SDK’s and API’s
  • Understand well the relationship between all SDK building blocks - like documentation, IDE & tool chains, developer trainings and conferences, guidelines, simulation environments, communities, example codes,  marketplaces, etc.
  • Understand well the concepts of usability of APIs and SDKs
  • Have an excellent understanding of compatibility, upgradeability and side-by-side installations of APIs
  • 10-15 years of general software development experience
  • Deep experience in Mathlab/Simulink, C, C++, Java, C#, HTML5, Javascript
  • 3+ years of experience with software analysis, architectural design, scalability, and performance tuning
  • Experience in a technical leadership or software engineering mentorship role
  • You have a scrappy, entrepreneurial attitude that gets high quality products done quickly
  • High affinity to agile development methods without underestimating the need for long-term stable and elaborated APIs.
  • Ability to technical lead engineering teams to deliver products
  • Exceptional communications, organization and presentation skills
  • Able to present technical contents to customers, partners and top management

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Architect (m/f) for Robot API´s and SDK

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