Software Architect and Leader (m/f/d)

4. September 2018

Short Facts:

  • R&D

  • unlimited

  • Augsburg, Deutschland

  • as soon as possible

KUKA, a worldwide leader in Robotics, Automation, and Production Logistics, fundamentally believes in the artful integration of software and hardware. In this age of Digitalization, the nature and role of software is evolving rapidly for all layers of the cyber-physical system stack. From the firmware, operating system, and hard-real time robot controller, to the edge-level coordination of fleets of autonomous ground vehicles navigating dynamic spaces, to the cloud-hosted network of connected and self-learning devices and factories.

At the heart of these cyber-physical systems are great software architectures and the soul of these architectures are the people that create them. KUKA needs authentic, capable and high-functioning technical leaders that can coordinate and collaborate to align teams of people and directly guide the implementation of great software architectures.

If you are a leader with the right technical and behavioral talents to build teams and architectures to solve some of the world’s most valuable automation and robotic problems, please contact us to learn more about our vision, our team, and the opportunities we have for you.

Behavioral Talents

  • Technical Leader of People
    You guide teams of people and improve and influence the architecture they produce
  • Collaborative and Resilient
    You work well as part of a larger team with the strength of ego to accept and embrace the best ideas and not only your ideas 
  • Intuitive and Independent
    You require very little guidance, oversight or motivation to drive towards reaching shared goals
  • Rapid Learner
    You quickly synthesize and apply new ideas
  • Strong Communicator
    You succinctly communicate the right level of information to a diversity of audiences on topics ranging from architecture, to design options, to project status
  • Global Citizen
    You work well in teams composed of an inclusive and diverse group of people potentially distributed across the US, Europe, and Asia


Technical Talents

Design clean architectures with modular boundaries and hardened public APIs

  • You can communicate the design and theory of operation of your architecture
  • You can create and describe well-designed APIs
  • You lead design and code reviews that improve the quality of the architecture
  • You share rationale on design principals that hone the talents of your team and yourself


Added Bonus Skills

  • German or Chinese language skills
  • C, C++, Java, C#, HTML5, Javascript, Scala
  • 7+ years of software experience
  • 3+ years of architectural analysis, design, implementation and optimization
  • Real-time and/or safety critical systems
  • Robotics, Automation, and or Logistics
  • Data science, deep learning, AI, or traditional analytic


Some Open Job Roles

It is important to understand our hiring philosophy with regard to software architects. We view software architectural talents and skills as largely independent of any specific problem domain. As such, we are seeking generally great software architects. If you also happen to have deep vertical domain know how to go with being an architect, we encourage you even more strongly to apply.

Architect of Robot Operating Systems

Join the Robot Operating System team and lead the development and delivery of the core operating system that drives the entire portfolio of KUKA Robotics ranging from AGVs, to Industrial 6-Axis arms to Safe Collaborative “Co-bots.” In this role, you will guide and lead teams of software developers to create a best-in-class Robot operating system which functionally enables tasks such as optimally and safely controlling complex dynamic motions of Robots, balances rapid and easy task automation with the hard requirements of maintaining human safety, monitors system performance for self-learning of optimal Robot lifetime and a host of other interesting problem domains to hone your architectural skills.

Architect Robot Interaction SDK

Join the Robotic Platform team and lead the development and delivery of the Robotic Interaction SDK.  The publicly available APIs and system services are the foundation with which KUKA’s internal developers, our robust integration channel and our ultimate end-users, build and develop some of the world’s most amazing robotic and automation solutions. Every successful software ecosystem starts with an approachable, coherent, well-designed, well-documented and living library of APIs. In this role, you will drive the standards for all of the KUKA group as well as be personally responsible for the core Robotic SDK. Do this job right, and you will define how the world creates Robotic solutions.

Architect Robot Simulation Twins

Join the Robotic Simulation team and lead the development and delivery of an architecture that inherently supports robust simulation of all aspects of the Robotic ecosystem. In this role, you will create the standards and architecture that enable our end-users to observe the kinematics of Robotic motion as well the impact of world environment on the behavior of the robot. Your primary goal will be to enable seamless off-line programming and robot interaction and the instant migration from off-line to online with minimal deviation between the off-line robot simulation and the real robot. You will create productivity tools that allow our end-users to make trade offs between slow, but extremely accurate simulation to fast, but coarse grained results. Further, you will cloud-enable the behavior of the real robot versus the robot simulation model to automatically account for errors in the simulation model.


Architect Robot Apps & SDK

Join the Robotic Application team and lead the development and delivery of the Robotic Application SDK. The publicly available frameworks and SDK enable our internal developers as our system partners and integrators to extend the capabilities of the robotic system through the creation of Apps for specific application domains. In this role, you will define the standards for encapsulating manufacturing process know-how into software packages and ensure through the right choice of architecture and infrastructure KUKA´s software distribution mechanism of the future. You will guide and technically lead teams of software developers and manufacturing process experts to define the building blocks for creating those Apps fast and with the lowest entry hurdle possible. 

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Software Architect and Leader (m/f/d)

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