Automation in the foundry and forging industry

Based on many years of experience in the foundry sector and in the automotive industry, KUKA now offers a unique range of over 100 high-performance robot types in all payload categories for sustainable automation throughout the entire sector.

KUKA solutions for the foundry and forging industry

Heat, dust, aggressive media: when things get dangerous for people in the foundry and forging industry, well-thought-out automation solutions are required. Here, too, KUKA robots offer outstanding performance in continuous operation. With protective coatings resistant to alkalis, acids, heat and corrosion, they permanently meet the requirements of protection ratings IP65/67.

From intricate light alloy components to large-format steel parts: KUKA robots master all disciplines in the automated processes of the foundry and forging industry from sand casting and die casting to permanent mold casting and even the handling of heavy molds and finished components.

Here you can find an overview of KUKA case studies in the foundry and forging industry.

Automated contact casting of molten iron with KUKA robots

KUKA robots enable highly flexibly contact casting with pinpoint accuracy even at a temperature of 1,400 degrees Celsius.

KUKA robots: all-rounders in the world of the foundry and forging industry

The use of KUKA robots simplifies all work steps in the foundry and forging industry due to the following factors:
  • Ideal combination of high payload capacity and small footprint
  • Fast and reliable – even for complex tasks
  • Almost 100 percent availability
  • Optimized cycle times
  • Process reliability
  • Assured productivity
  • Easy integration of linear units and complex grippers
KUKA robots can be used flexibly in the foundry industry
  • KR AGILUS series:
    The series with unparalleled performance at the highest of speeds is also available as a waterproof variant with protection rating IP 67.
  • KR 30/60 F series:
    The highly practical, tried-and-tested equipment is ideally adapted to the requirements of foundry applications. 
  • KR QUANTEC F series
    It effortlessly handles payloads of up to 300 kilograms. The extremely robust and maintenance-friendly design makes it a sound investment for the future.
  • KR 120 nano F exclusive:
    The KR 120 nano F exclusive from the KR QUANTEC nano family is optimized for the extreme conditions in cleaning systems and medium- or large-sized washing cells.  As a result of the high IP69 protection rating, this robot is ideally suited for wet chemical cleaning as well as immersion and high-pressure cleaning processes – even when using aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants. The robot is resistant to alkalis, acids, heat and corrosion.
The robust washing professional: KR 120 nano F exclusive
  • KR FORTEC series:
    Strong, flexible, agile: The perfect choice for handling heavy parts. With an unparalleled range of models for payloads up to 600 kilograms.
  • KR 1000 titan F series:
    With a payload of up to 1300 kilograms, distances of up to 6.5 meters are covered. Precise handling of XL workpieces such as large engine blocks is thus possible.

KUKA technologies that make your production in the foundry and forging industry even more effective

Extremely simple operation with KUKA.PLC mxAutomation

The convenient and universal interface makes KUKA robots extremely easy to operate. The KUKA.PLC mxAutomation software in conjunction with the Sinumerik Run MyRobot software package from Siemens® enables a KUKA robot teamed up with machine tools to be visualized, operated, programmed and set up in the same system that the user is familiar with from the machine tool environment. And all this using the production machine’s control panel.

Fast programming with KUKA.CNC

KUKA robots perform processing tasks like production machines – and can be programmed like them too in G-code (DIN 66025) thanks to the KUKA.CNC interface. Users understand them straight away, can create programs using a CAD/CAM process chain and, after simulation, execute them on the robot without having to compile them into the robot language. Already included: tool radius correction, sister tools and many other familiar NC functions.

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