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3D offline simulation of robots and systems

Using our simulation software, you enter a virtual environment to determine which solution concepts will deliver the best results for your production – without the need to take risks. We support you in reliably testing and evaluating potential production scenarios. This allows you to ideally prepare your robots or systems for modified or new tasks.

KUKA simulation services ensure planning reliability and efficiency

For system planning and the retrofitting of existing systems with components and software packages, we actively support you with customized, comprehensive simulation services.

From consulting on error and feasibility analyses through to the concrete planning and implementation of your production processes – together we will make your Industrie 4.0 vision a reality.

KUKA takes over complete tasks on request, or our experts support your team at various stages of the project.

Our simulation services at a glance:

  • 3D visualization and component modeling

  • Comprehensive consultation on robot selection

  • Cycle time and process optimization

  • Offline program preparation

  • Comprehensive documentation of results

  • Software support

  • Individual training courses and workshops

3D visualization of your production system with the aid of the KUKA.Sim simulation software

For the efficient and reliable planning of your production processes you need precise data about the type, size, reach and installation position of the components – as well as reliable statements about cycle times.

With the KUKA.Sim and KUKA.OfficeLite simulation software packages, you can perform accessibility analyses, prevent collisions, determine cycle times and prepare the offline programming of your robots.

You can achieve fast commissioning or quick production changeovers thanks to the 3D visualization of individual robots and complete systems and the simulation of various production scenarios.

Optimize the use or your systems and robots with KUKA.Sim and OfficeLite.

Safety through simulation

The virtual representation of safety spaces in a 3D layout provides information for the safety concept of your system.

Graphical support facilitates commissioning of the KUKA software SafeOperation, which you can use to define and monitor workspaces and safety zones during ongoing operation.

Optimize your workspace and protected spaces with KUKA SafeOperation.
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