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Getting Started with iiQKA

iiQKA is the new way to work with robots from KUKA. Designed to be intuitive and powerful, it’s easy to get started and fast to get working.

The new OS and automation experience 

The challenges of dramatically changing production landscapes call for new concepts. As a global player in automation solutions, KUKA has the answer: the new operating system iiQKA.OS combined with the iiQKA Ecosystem. iiQKA.OS allows for fast and intuitive development and extension to quickly meet the demands of the market, as well as intuitive and reliable operation – a core value for both providers and users. With the iiQKA Ecosystem, KUKA is driving forward the democratization of robotics by simplifying the entire automation lifecycle and making robots accessible to more people than ever before.

The iiQKA Mission: Making complex things easy

Easy, intuitive and fast 

iiQKA.OS and its supporting iiQKA Ecosystem are designed to make the complete customer journey as straightforward, efficient and intuitive as possible – from buying and installing, to commissioning and programming, to operating and fast re-use in new applications.

iiQKA offers modern, straightforward solutions and intuitive usage, enabling newcomers to confidently shift to automated production while also speeding up the process for experts. Designed for a quick start-up with little to no expertise, for adaptability and fast reuse, combined with intuitive and integrated support functions, iiQKA.OS will enable you to respond to new demands as they arise and to maximize system value for you and your company. Take a first look at the preview of our flexible, well-supported system for fast and cost-effective robot-based automation.

A good combination: iiQKA Pre-Launch Package 

For the pre-launch of KUKA's new operating system, iiQKA, some customers will get the chance to test it in combination with the LBR iisy cobot, the KR C5 micro robot controller, the smartPAD pro operator device and an optional pre-installed gripper. Learn more about iiQKA roll-out and availability. 

Developed with customer and partners

To provide an outstanding user experience in robotics, we are developing the whole iiQKA Ecosystem not only with our expert partners but also with our community. Thus, user feedback will be thoroughly ingrained in the way we are driving product and feature development. Continuously testing different use cases along the journey with early adopters and development partners, we will be able to identify their pains, gains and needs – and thus to improve our products and features at an early stage.

Prototype Customer Story: Mechatronics service provider Zollner Elektronik AG already successfully tests iiQKA

Speed, sensitivity and flexibility are the most important requirements for efficient and successful production at the electronics manufacturing services provider, in addition to low production costs. The best conditions for an endurance test of the iiQKA Pre-Launch Package.

Built on a modern, modular software architecture

One of the key success factors of iiQKA.OS is its modern, modular and open software architecture. Built on top of the IT and industry standard Linux, the operating system has a modularized and containerized design to increase efficiency and speed of development. With open, stable and consistent interfaces, the robot system can be easily extended with additional components and software extensions. The iiQKA.OS user interface is responsive and runs on different screen sizes. Furthermore, it provides decentralized data mirroring to ensure data consistency across devices, services and products. 


Learn more about the new operating system from KUKA 

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