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Gravity die casting machine

The innovative drive, operating and control concept of the gravity die casting machines from KUKA provides you with the ideal prerequisites for optimal casting quality.

Gravity die casting: the process

The service-proven gravity die casting machines from the former company Reis Robotics serve their purpose efficiently and are easy to handle. Depending on your individual requirements, the core is automatically or manually placed into the permanent mold. When the permanent mold is closed, the casting process is carried out. For this, the swivel motion is executed by means of a servo drive.

Synchronized filling process of the gravity die casting machine

The special feature: here, the pouring motion of the robot is perfectly coordinated with the tilting motion of the gravity die casting machine. This allows the component to be poured evenly from the bottom to the top and ensures an optimal and precise filling process.

Advantages of gravity die casting

The gravity die casting machines from the former company Reis Robotics are available in a range of variants and also as single and double tilt casting machines. All of the versions excel with the same advantages and can be used flexibly and effectively in your production system:

  • Robust and low-torsion mechanical construction
  • Innovative, low-backlash drive concept
  • Positionally accurate thanks to servo drive
  • Also suitable for linear casting cells and casting carousels
  • Interface for fluids supply (for example gas or cooling system)

The gravity die casting machines from KUKA can be implemented flexibly.

Intuitive programming and control of gravity die casting

The gravity die casting machine is controlled by means of an app, thus offering extremely user-friendly and intuitive handling:

  • Features its own casting machine controller that can be programmed via the TIA Portal
  • Freely programmable pouring curve and tilting speed
  • Freely adjustable heating and cooling circuits
  • Touch control
  • Recipe management

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