LR100 LFW machine

 The LR100 LFW machine is your first choice for high performance welding if your production requires a machine for welding large components. We offer you efficient and economical linear friction welding machines produced in the United Kingdom by Thompson, a KUKA brand.

High performance machine for large parts

The LR100 LFW machine is designed for joining two or more parts together to create larger structures and prismatic shapes in difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and nickel-based super alloys. It accurately welds parts up to 10.000 square millimetres from 20-100 Hertz with a 120 tonne forge load capability.

Key advantages of the LR100 LFW machine

The cubic design of the LR100 LFW machine offers many benefits:

  • full encapsulation of the linear weld
  • application of in-plane forces and forge load forces to the centre point of the weld
  • highly accurate final position control of the oscillated component
  • minimal distortion as high weld forces are distributed through its structure

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