Top laser safety with the KUKA LaserSpy®

Perfect protection against laser beams: the KUKA LaserSpy® is a TÜV-certified laser safety sensor which monitors your laser protection wall electronically and actively. Escaping beams are stopped before they can do any harm – ensuring optimum laser safety for your system and personnel.

A decisive factor for the laser safety of systems in the event of a malfunction is the duration of exposure. One way to economically meet the necessary safety standards is to use an electronic, actively monitored protection wall. This is why KUKA has developed the LaserSpy® safety sensor. It is quick to install and easy to use. Get your systems ready for more laser performance.

How the KUKA LaserSpy® works

The LaserSpy® is an optical sensor which monitors the light-proof space inside a protective double-panel wall. This is where it detects continuous or pulsed laser radiation in the near-infrared (NIR) wavelength range (820 to 1,100 nanometers) and reacts accordingly.

Each sensor consists of multiple detectors in a circular arrangement around a kernel. The LaserSpy® is able to monitor a range of 3.5 meters in every direction. This means that only one sensor is needed, even for large-area elements.

How does the LaserSpy® provide protection when it matters?

  • A laser beam penetrates the first wall. The highly sensitive LaserSpy® measures the incoming radiation.
  • Before the laser beam is able to penetrate the outer protective wall, the LaserSpy® opens the safety circuit.
  • The LaserSpy® then switches off the Emergency Off circuit via the beam source.
  • The response time of the LaserSpy® is so quick that thin double walls with a gap of around 35 millimeters suffice even for high laser power.

The result: laser safety is thus ensured for the system and the operator at all times.

The KUKA LaserSpy® meets the most stringent safety standards

 EN ISO 13849-2:2008

Category 4 / performance level (PL) e

PFH = 1.912e-9/h with a service life of 15 years
 IEC 61508:2001 Safety integrity level 2 (SIL 2) with a service life of 15 years
EN 60947-5-3:1999
PDF-M (classification of self-monitoring)
The KUKA LaserSpy® provides more laser safety in welding cells.

Benefit from the following advantages:

  • Emergency Off function through active intervention in the safety circuit of the laser source
  • Suitable for all lasers with highest radiation in near-infrared range of wavelenghts (820 to 1,100 nanometers), irrespective of the installed laser power
  • Simple installation: Preparation using a drilling template; fastening by means of self-tapping screws without having to open the electronics housing
  • Self-monitoring sensor which tests itself for malfunctions

Retrofit in existing systems

Does your system meet the following requirements? Then please inquire about a suitable offer. We can retrofit your system quickly and easily with the KUKA LaserSpy®.

  • The booth of your system has a double-panel wall, without fillers and struts.
  • The distance between the two outer panels of the double wall is at least 35 mm.
  • The wall elements are of light-proof design.

Additional accessories for the KUKA LaserSpy®

The KUKA LaserSpy® is a complete solution from a single source – including installation accessories. Suitable tools are available upon request. This will allow you to use your LaserSpy® in next to no time.

Supplement your KUKA LaserSpy® with the following accessories:

  • Pre-assembled cable with various connections
  • Terminating connector
  • LaserSpy® tester

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