LBR iiwa drawing at MTMS fair Brussels

KUKA at MTMS Machineering Brussels 2017 

From the 22th to 24 March, KUKA will demonstrate two applications of its collaborative robot, the LBR iiwa. The combination of intelligence and sensitivity enables new applications that previously couldn't be implemented with conventional industrial robots. 

LBR iiwa applications at MTMS Brussels

The LBR iiwa has joint torque sensors in all of its seven axes. With these joint torque sensors, the LBR iiwa can detect contact immediately and reduces its level of force and speed instantly. Its position and compliance control enables it to handle delicate components without creating crushing and shearing hazards. Previously, this could only be done by humans and not by robots. This unique feature will be demonstrated elaborately at the MTMS fair. KUKA will demonstrate a LBR iiwa robot that will draw a perfect picture with a simple marker on a piece of paper. The robot will sense the paper and will adapt its force to create the picture.

A second application that KUKA will demonstrate at the MTMS fair contains two LBR iiwa robots that work together with each other and with humans. This application shows that collaborative robots are the future. From now on, humans and robots will have to collaborate in order to complete their tasks successfully.

The KUKA sales team wants to welcome you from the 22th to 24th March at their booth A45 at the MTMS fair in Brussels to inform you about our Smart Industry Solutions.

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