KUKA ready2_educate

KUKA ready2_educate is your training cell for hands-on education in robotics. It offers schools and training centers the opportunity to tailor their robotics education. The training cell is a complete starter package and your perfect partner for entry into robotics.

Learn the basics in robotics with ready2_educate training cell

Companies are looking for employees with a professional knowledge in robotics. It is the task of the schools and universities to prepare their students in a qualitative way for the labour market. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy task. With ready2_educate KUKA wants to support the schools and universities in order to make their students the robot specialists of tomorrow.

Benefits of using KUKA ready2_educate in classrooms

  • Very solid, safe, CE-compliant cell
  • Can go through doors with a minimum size of 120 x 80 cm
  • Has a low weight and is therefore able to be moved with a transpallet
  • Can be opened on each side and is equipped with safety switches
  • Has a hole mounting plate for easy movement of educational material


KUKA training cells exist in different configurations: _basic, _pro and _advanced.

Optimal robot operation: you can practice various tasks with the training cell from KUKA.

ready2_educate_basic at a glance:

The modular training cell is standard equipped with a KR 3 AGILUS or a KR 6 AGILUS small robot and a KR C4 compact controller. The cell is also very extensively implemented and consists of the following components:

  • KR 3 R540 AGILUS Robot:
    • Payload: 3 kg
    • Reach: 540 mm
    • Integrated Energy Supply: 4x4 mm Air and 8x I/O (0.25 mm²)
  • KR 6 R700-2 AGILUS Robot:
    • Payload: 6 kg
    • Reach: 700 mm
    • Integrated Energy Supply: 4x4 mm Air and 8x I/O (0.25 mm²)
  • KR C4 compact robot controller equipped with:
    •  EtherCat Master Module
    • Digital I/O's 16/16
    • SmartPad with full colour touchscreen control panel for teaching positions and online programming
    • 1x Ethernet interface
    • 1x USB
    • 2x Input switches
    • 2x Output signal lamps
  • Software:
    • KUKA.KSS online programming and motion control software
    • KUKA.WorkVisual for offline configuration and programming
    • KUKA.GripperSpotTech 4.0 to easily operate the gripper
    • KUKA.MultiSubInterpreter for I/O circuits external periphery
  • Educational material:
    • Electric gripper
    • Cubes with cube holder to practice pick & place applications
  • Extra:
    • Standard manuals
    • 1x USB recovery stick

ready2_educate_pro and ready2_educate_advanced 

By adding extra hardware practice material it is possible to upgrade the basic cell to a pro level. With a "Hotwire" application, students learn to accurately move the robot in a playful manner and, thanks to the contour application equipped with special, press-proof markers, students learn processes that are very similar to welding processes. If you equip the ready2_educate_pro with a PLC touchscreen, the cell will be raised to the ready2_educate_advanced level. This can also be equipped with a vision system.

Robotics education with ready2_educate: training material

KUKA has developed educational material to teach at 3 different levels. Level 1 aims at learning the basic knowledge for new robot engineers. Here one learns, among other things, robot operation, troubleshooting, simple movement programming. Level 2 goes a step further and goes deeper into the advanced possibilities of the KUKA programming language. Both levels consist of 15 lessons which take 45 minutes each and 10 practical exercises. The 3rd and last level consists of 20 lessons.

Training materials package for your ready2_educate training cell

The training materials are aimed at instructors in schools, colleges, universities and training centers. They are tailored to the training application and enable quick entry into the topic. 

Request training materials package now

Virtual classroom with ready2_educate_KUKA.Sim Pro

KUKA.Sim is KUKA's high-end simulation and offline programming software and should not be absent in schools regarding Industry 4.0. The special ready2_educate version of KUKA.Sim allows you to use 15 licenses to simultaneously virtualize a classroom full of students with robots. Every KUKA robot can be selected from the e-catalog and it can be checked whether it fits in an application. An application can easily be imitated with simple parametrically adjustable building blocks. Thanks to the ability to import 3D CAD models, the virtual world starts to look just like the real world. The realistic programming function enables you to move the robot as it does on the work floor.
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