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Cocktail and co: through the summer with robots

Refreshment in the shade? That sounds extremely tempting, especially on hot summer vacation days. We show you where KUKA bartenders and baristas are taking on this job and serving you cool drinks, delicious coffee and more. Cheers!

Teresa Fischer
August 17, 2022
Reading Time: 1 min.
In Milan, the fully automated bartender "Toni" from the Italian company Makr Shakr has mastered the art of mixing cocktails - and even competes with a world-class female bartender:

Fresh Alpine spring water, refined with syrup in delicious flavors - sounds great, doesn't it? This little inventor thought so too and programmed her mixing robot SiroBot without further ado.

And those who prefer to relax in the shady beer garden with a cool, non-alcoholic wheat beer can get help from our automated pouring expert, the sensitive lightweight robot Bierpaulii:
The thermometer is rising and some people wish they were in the cool Highlands of Scotland - preferably with a glass of whiskey. If you're looking for the finishing touch, Print-a-Drink is the right choice. Here, a robot transforms the drink into a real work of art.
Coffee is indispensable for most of us in all weathers, preferably brewed to perfection by the KUKA robot barista:
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