LR20 LFW machine

The LR20 LFW machine was conceived for smaller components and is especially used for welding rectangular and quadratic parts. KUKA offers a special range of friction welding machines under the brand of Thompson.

Versatile machine for small components

Our LR20 LFW machine is designed for producing components such as small jet engine blades, sample coupons and airframe structural parts in many materials including titanium, steel and aluminium. It is capable of welding from 10 to 70 Hertz, up to 20 tonnes axial load, an amplitude of 5 millimetres and weld area up to 3.000 square millimetres.

The LR20 LFW machine is a hydraulic actuated machine which permits changing the amplitude and frequency during weld cycles to facilitate nickel-based alloys, exotic materials and special weld configurations.

Key advantages of the LR20 LFW machine 

The LR20 LFW machine offers considerable benefits for your production:

  • Open design: easy to load and unload components, as well as to install and extract tooling and add auxiliary monitoring equipment
  • Modular forge bed: can be interchanged with other component specific sub-assemblies, for example blisks, coupons and extrusions
  • Unique software control system: the machine records all the weld data every 0.001 seconds. Additionally, it incorporates also secondary monitoring tools that ensure optimum weld quality.

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