Timo Boll: The Revenge

In 2015, the battle of the giants entered its second round: in the video entitled “The Revenge”, table tennis star Timo Boll – the German flag bearer at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro – and the KR AGILUS competed against one another tunefully. Both gave their all on two large sets of musical glasses in an attempt to outdo one another in skill and speed.

Timo Boll vs. KR AGILUS: revenge with music

Following the sporting duel in the previous year, the second Timo Boll video, entitled “The Revenge”, featured the German table tennis champion and the industrial robot engaging in a much more delicate pastime. The virtuosic playing on the musical glasses calls for manual dexterity from the adversaries above all else.

Timo Boll – who was not just an athlete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro but also the German flag bearer during the opening ceremony – and the KR AGILUS display total commitment. Neither is found wanting in this competition either with regard to pace or mobility. Find out for yourself! And you can see who comes out on top in this Timo Boll video...

Speed and precision honed to perfection: in the second Timo Boll video, “The Revenge”, he also went head-to-head with the KR AGILUS.

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