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Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is a melting process. Thermal cuts are particularly suitable for medium sheet-metal thicknesses from one to 100 millimeters.

Plasma cutting: the technology

Plasma cutting is a fusion cutting process:

a concentrated electric arc melts the material locally. The feed motion on the machine produces a cut. The plasma gas ensures that the soft material is continuously removed from the kerf, cutting the workpiece.

Automated plasma cutting

KUKA has been using automated plasma cutting for many years now. In addition to sheet metal and profiles, components for automobile, building machinery, container, ship and steel construction can be processed in a cost-effective manner. Automatic position detection and tolerance compensation during the cutting process are made possible by 3D measurement of the workpieces using high-precision sensors.

Plasma cutting: the advantages

We can implement your plans quickly and purposefully thanks to our automated cutting programs.

Using automated program generation for plasma cutting, your production system will be capable of handling a high degree of product variety. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to manufacture small batches in an efficient manner – starting from as little as one unit.

The specific requirements of each component determine which cutting process is the most appropriate. Give us a call and together we will find the technology best suited to your production needs