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KRC ROBOTstar: a star among controllers

The KRC ROBOTstar is based on the KR C4 hardware platform. Benefit from numerous process-oriented application packages on the reisPAD user interface. The system’s open communication standards provide the ideal conditions for smart production along the lines of Industrie 4.0.

With the KRC ROBOTstar, KUKA customers benefit from the combination of KUKA KR C4 hardware, such as control cabinet, servos and I/Os, and the intuitive Reis ROBOTstar VI robot controller. The reisPAD touch operator panel and its functions allow intuitive control and programming of the robot.

Advantages of the KRC ROBOTstar

ProVis visualization

The KRC ROBOTstar provides you with a graphics-based, intuitive operator control and programming interface that can be used either on the reisPAD or on a connected PC or tablet.


Within a very short time, both beginner programmers and advanced users can operate the robot via touch screen. The robot synchronously replicates the motions made by the user with his finger on the touch screen.



The fully integrated SafetyController with its wide variety of safety functions and a freely programmable safety PLC serves to protect people in the workspace of the robot.


Open transmission standards

Communicate with other network devices via OPC UA. From the host computer and external programming and simulation systems to an external PLC: all components can be connected to the robot controller for data exchange.

Facts and figures about the reisPAD

Display: Robust, scratch-resistant glass surface with capacitive touch screen
Display size:  10.4 inches
Weight: 1,400 grams
Ergonomic, symmetrical housing for left-/right-handed operation.
Haptic marks, such as finger modules, provide support for blind operation.
RobotStar Touchpad
The reisPAD is distinguished by its easy operator control via touch screen: this is used to activate all functions except for the Emergency Stop and Acknowledge buttons. 

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