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Tune my production

Use the whole capability of your production cell.

There are plenty of possibilities for a goal-oriented optimization at your production plant. We experienced an average optimization potential of up to 20 percent. Are you using the full potential of your robots?

Our Performance check

Cell inspection: Together with your production experts we identify
and document your optimization potential.

Analysis: The optimization potential and effort are analyzed
by experienced application engineers. An archive, necessary traces and further required robot data are collected.

Fixed rate: On site analysis and creation of documentation including travel and expenses. 

Your potential

  • Productivity

    - Increase the speed and efficiency of your  robot
    - Reduce cycle time

  • Process quality

    - Optimize production and process quality
    - Reduce rejects and rework

  • Cost efficiency

    - Synchronize and harmonize movements
    - Reduce dynamic loads and load peaks
    - Reduce maintenance costs through optimized maintenance management

  • Usability

    - Optimize operation of the application and increase user friendliness
    - Reduce initial training efforts for operators
    - Reduce incorrect operation due to user-related access concept

  • i4.0 connectivity

    - Get target-oriented support on your way to the “Smart Factory”
    - Ensure efficient management of connected production resources
    - Access the KUKA Xpert knowledge database

Tap the full potential

Our service

• Optimization of process flows, communication interfaces and motion parameters/robot programs, external energy supply/hose packages and robot movements

• Carrying out load analysis (e.g. trace analysis)

• Elimination of interference contours and unwanted process forces or other influencing factors

• Adaptation of the robot speed to the cycle time of the system

• Functional expansion according to customer requirements

• Implementation of a customized HMI on the KUKA robot

• Development of dynamic inline forms



• Connection of the robot control via modern bus systems (e.g. OPC UA) 

• Seamless integration of the controller into existing IT infrastructure

• Remote access for remote maintenance and support

• Data analysis to optimize the system components

• Maintenance and expansion of the knowledge database by KUKA expert

• Suggestions for cell layout optimization

• Analysis of environmental conditions and derivation of recommended actions

• On site measurement of your specific production environment

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate do contact our employee Gary Saretzki.



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Phone: +41 62 837 43 20

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With robots from KUKA you profit from greater efficiency,
better cost-effectiveness and maximum flexibility.

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