KUKA Robotics

As a specialist in the field of robotics and automation technology, KUKA Robotics is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial robots. With its wide selection of robots, KUKA covers virtually all payload ranges and robot types, and sets standards in the field of human-robot collaboration (HRC).

Pioneers in the industrial robots sector

KUKA has been manufacturing industrial robots for more than 40 years. The cornerstone for today’s Industrie 4.0 was laid as far back as in the 1970s: with our first industrial robot FAMULUS. In 1996, KUKA Robotics took another quantum leap in the development of industrial robots: that year saw the launch of the first PC-based controller, developed by KUKA. This was the dawn of the “real” mechatronics era, characterized by the precise interaction of software, controller and mechanical systems.

Nowadays, KUKA Robotics offers a wide product range for various industries and tailor-made automation solutions. Together with a broad network of integrators and system partners, we focus on planning and designing industrial robots. We also have a 24-hour emergency technical support team as part of our comprehensive customer services.

KUKA launched the first industrial robot with six electromotively powered axes in 1973. ©KUKA

KUKA industrial robots are the key factor in achieving higher productivity and greater profitability. They improve the quality of the products and reduce the requirement for costly materials and limited energy resources.

At KUKA Robotics, our vision is to establish the industrial robot as an intelligent assistant to humans during manufacturing: humans and robots work hand in hand, ideally complementing each other with their respective skills. This also makes it possible for small and medium-sized companies to deploy robots cost-effectively.

KUKA Robotics: Products and industries

KUKA Robotics supplies industrial robots which are perfectly tailored to your application. From the actual robot itself and the controller all the way to the appropriate software: customers from a diverse range of industries benefit from innovative technologies and sophisticated engineering.

KUKA Robotics can offer you the following product spectrum:

We also supply controllers, software and a broad range of services, for example customer support, training courses at KUKA College or engineering. 

Our solutions are implemented in the following industries in particular:

Find out about the other divisions of KUKA: KUKA Systems, KUKA Industries and Swisslog.

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