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KUKA joined one of the most famous shows of Hunan TV

On August 6th, KUKA joined a show on the chinese TV channel Hunan TV, which is one of the most famous TV channels in China, and is very popular among young chinese generations.

October 27, 2017

Sensitive robots are reliable employees in industrial production,they overtake those dangerous, cumbersome and monotonous work.They are helpful assistant in factory and will be our partner in daily life in the near future.

KUKA on the chinese TV channel Hunan TV

It was the first time KUKA officially joined a Chinese TV show. The TV format called My Future is the first technology show launched by Hunan TV in China. In each episode Hunan TV invites two representatives of the world’s top technology companies or scientists. There are two rounds of scientific and technological achievements show. The final round follows up with a public speech about a speaker’s idea of humans future life and how technology will be part of it. KUKA, as the worlds leading company in automation and intelligent manufacturing was invited to participate in the show.
KR Agilus Dancing Show

KUKA’s future vision

KUKA showed its new generation of robots and its advanced automation solutions, especially in automotive industry. Six Agilus robots created a fabulous dancing show and the sensitive robot LBR iiwa (HRC robot) showed its sensitive feature and human-friendly characteristic. In the final round, Mr. James Wang, CEO of KUKA Systems China, spoke about KUKA’s future vision and encouraged the younger generation to take advantage of the automated industry, which will make human life easier and more convenient.
Speech of Mr. James Wang, CEO of KUKA Systems China at the HUNAN TV show

We’d like to show the audience through this world well-known company that industrial industry is committed to meet the human needs in production and development.

Ms. Yang Hui, Founder & CEO of Vivid media

Meeting human needs

“KUKA is a world leading company in automation industry and commits to serving large industrial industries. The intention why we have chosen KUKA as a guest was to show the audience an industry that is not easy to see or know in everyday life.” Ms. Yang Hui, Founder & CEO of Vivid media added: “We’d liked to show the audience through this world well-known company that the industrial industry is committed to meet human needs in the production and development. We hope that mass-audience will have a deeper understanding of this industry quietly meets our basic needs of lives, and hope to encourage young people willing to join in such industry and master our human being future. The ratings of the show prove that our original intention was correct and wise.

KUKA 机器人研磨超大塑料管

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