With an integrator, KUKA is offering the broadcast industry an automatic camera operator. It is particularly quiet and can easily be reprogrammed if required.

KUKA TV with the LBR iiwa

This complete solution is offered by the KUKA integrator company, Cine TV Broadcast Systems, from Sonthofen. The solution comprises the KUKA LBR iiwa lightweight robot with a 14 kg payload and matte black paintwork, the KUKA robot controller and operating panel with two joysticks, the operating monitor, teleprompter and live production camera.

The robot can be remotely controlled in the news studio to generate attractive tracking shots so as to incorporate more movements into the broadcast. The robot solution makes it possible to program new settings quickly and also for the settings to be reprogrammed during live operation if necessary. The system is so quiet that it can function in live operation without any audio backing.


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