Press contacts

Are you a journalist looking for the right point of contact at KUKA? Here you can find an overview of all the people in positions of responsibility.

In the press area, as well as on all the other pages of the KUKA website, you will find reference to a contact at the bottom of the page. The point of contact stated will be happy to answer your questions about the content of the page in question.

In addition, we have grouped together all the central media points of contact for you here. 

Contact for press and media inquiries

Katrin Stuber-Koeppe

Group spokesperson
Head of Corporate Communications
+49 821 797 3722

Katrin Stuber-Koeppe, Group spokesperson of KUKA AG

Trade press contact for KUKA Robotics

Ulrike Kroehling

Press spokesperson
KUKA Roboter GmbH
+49 821 797 3795

Wolfgang Meisen, trade press contact for KUKA Robotics

Trade press contact for Consumer Goods and Logistics Automation

Cathrin Völz

Head of Global Marketing
Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions

+41 62 8374465

Cathrin Völz, trade press contact for Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions
Inquiries regarding plant tours should be submitted to the following address:

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