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KMP 600-S diffDrive

At up to two meters per second, the KMP 600-S diffDrive mobile platform from KUKA is not only fast, but also meets the highest safety requirements thanks to laser scanners and 3D object detection. The automated guided vehicle system thus takes industrial intralogistics to a new level.

Mobile freedom thanks to AGVs: materials handling in dynamic environments

The KUKA Mobile Platform KMP 600-S diffDrive opens up new avenues and more flexibility for production intralogistics. The KMP 600-S diffDrive provides support as an automated guided vehicle (AGV) with a payload of up to 600 kilograms.  It also enables maximum freedom of movement for employees since it does not require safety fencing. A laser scanner in the main direction of motion monitors the area in front of the platform. Optionally, the AGV can be equipped with a second scanner at the rear for high speeds during backward motion when cycle times require it.

The HRC-capable vehicle can be used flexibly and safely in the work environment of human operators. 

Whether as industrial trucks over long distances, deployed as AGV assembly systems or for materials handling in the foodstuffs industry: AGVs from KUKA carry out many applications.

What advantages do the AGVs offer for in-house logistics?

AGVs bring required goods and raw materials fully automatically to the right place at the right time. They take on physically demanding transportation tasks and are able to share passageways with human operators and conventional industrial trucks thanks to their comprehensive safety technology. Through the use of camera-based 3D object detection, they integrate seamlessly into existing production environments. The KMP 600-S diffDrive can also be expanded with 3D object detection. This allows the AGV to autonomously detect obstacles that are between 30 millimeters and four meters above the ground. At the same time, the KMP 600-S diffDrive is ideally equipped for the tough everyday environment of industrial production: its IP 54 design protects it from such things as water spray and dust.
  • High safety standard

    • Laser scanner in the main direction of motion
    • A second laser scanner can be added at the rear
    • Four emergency stops
    • Eight safety zones at both the front and rear of the vehicle
  • Extremely fast

    • The AGV travels up to 2 meters per second
    • Fast backward motion thanks to optional laser scanner 
    • Integrated lifting device for lifting up to 60 millimeters in less than 3 seconds
  • Protection rating IP 54

    • Optimally equipped for the daily work of industrial production
    • Protection against foreign matter such as (metal) dust
    • Protected against water spray from any direction
  • Intelligent navigation

    • One fleet manager software for the entire KUKA AGV portfolio
    • Navigation via laser scanner and a map of the surroundings created beforehand 
    • Identifies the fastest route – even in complex environments

Enduring multi-purpose performer with accessories in detail

  • Outstanding dynamic performance

    The KMP 600-S diffDrive is distinguished by its high dynamism. It can move in a straight line at a speed of up to 2 meters per second, with a maximum acceleration of 1.25 m/s2 and a maximum deceleration of 1.5 m/s2. This makes for significantly improved operational efficiency and shortens in-house materials handling times.
  • High positioning accuracy

    Thanks to KUKA.NavigationSolution, KMP 600-S diffDrive can achieve a positioning accuracy of ±10 mm, without the assistance of orientation markings or reflectors. It can thus be used in many logistical production areas and impresses with its precise delivery of materials, automatic docking and autonomous operation.
  • Integrated lifting device

    The lifting device is already integrated on the KMP 600-S diffDrive. This allows the AGV to lift pallets or cartons, for example, up to 60 millimeters – in less than three seconds. 
  • Interfaces for any requirement

    The KMP 600-S diffDrive can link a wide variety of workstations, thus providing precisely the load handling options the customer requires. For example, it acts as a top-load AGV (automated guided vehicle), as a carriage or by means of the integrated lifting device. Alternatively, it can be equipped with a conveyor belt. At the same time, the AGV offers many interfaces for application development, including 48 V DC, 24 V DC, EtherCAT, I/O, STO. 
  • Lithium ion battery

    Each KMP 600-S diffDrive has an operating time of around eight hours and can be recharged in one and a half hours. The AGV battery is characterized by its long service life.
  • Eight safety zones

    There are eight safety zones at both the front and rear of the KMP 600-S diffDrive that customers can customize to tailor them to the speed of the vehicle and the application situation. If the velocity exceeds the protective field limit, the KMP 600-S diffDrive stops to avoid injuries.

Automated guided vehicles from KUKA: Quick start-up, simple maintenance

Applications can be programmed using JAVA. In order for KUKA’s intelligent, autonomous vehicles to optimally support in-house material flows, they must first be initially taught. The KMP 600-S diffDrive is commissioned quickly and easily via a wireless controller. Maintenance is just as easy as start-up: Access to AGV components, such as rollers, laser scanners and service interfaces, is possible without tools – for inspection, firmware updates, calibration and repairs. 

KUKA.NavigationSolution: the flexible solution for your automated guided vehicle systems

The KMP 600-S diffDrive comes with an ideal partner, which plays to its strengths perfectly in autonomously navigating vehicles: KUKA.NavigationSolution. The software solution with the smart SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) creates a map of the surroundings. It is thus able to take over the localization in space (on the vehicle itself) as well as the coordination of all the automated guided vehicles (on a central computer). Using information such as distance and speed, the fleet manager determines the best route on the network of paths. The software covers all requirements in the field of mobility.

Automated navigation, management and monitoring of AGVs

Learn more about the software now!

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