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Pillar press with sliding and tilting table

KUKA sliding/tilting table presses systematically assure quality and performance: The presses from the former Reis Robotics ensure process-reliable automation and offer a high degree of flexibility in casting cell configuration.

Shorter cycle times with the sliding/tilting table presses SKT SEP16 and SEP22

Increase the productivity and speed of your pressing process with the sliding/tilting table presses SKT SEP16 and SEP22. To achieve even shorter cycle times, the presses SKT SEP16 and SEP22 are equipped with a high-efficiency electric drive and an energy recovery management system.

Retrofitting instead of new purchase: The efficient drive concept can also easily and quickly be adapted for already existing KUKA SKT presses with hydraulic drive.

Sliding/tilting table presses: powerful and efficient

The Reis Robotics series of presses includes various different models, offering optimal solutions and many advantages for your automation:

  • Optimal setup with minimal effort
  • Modular, flexible system for a wide range of casting cell configurations
  • Process-reliable disposal of trimmed material and cleaning of tools
  • Complete accessory range for additional operations on the cast part
  • High stability and short cycle time due to low installation height and small strokes
  • Manual operation possible for temporary emergency operation

Presses available in different variants

The sliding/tilting table press models vary in terms of the size of the clamping plate and the dimensions of the tool installation space and clearance between pillars. Each sliding/tilting table press is available as a 3-pillar or 4-pillar press. Depending on the variant, the press force varies between 300 kN and 2,000 kN.

Trim presses from KUKA for process-reliable automation

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