KUKA cell4_loading modular

The automated handling cell offers an extremely economical solution for the loading and unloading of machine tools.

Flexible loading cell with modular concept allows a high degree of individualization 

The KUKA loading/unloading cell is quickly available and, thanks to numerous hardware and software options, can be easily configured into a customized solution in the field of loading/unloading. The robotic cell can load, for example, CNC machines, friction welding machines, measuring machines or injection molding machines, and is therefore particularly suitable for customers in the automotive, Tier 1 and general industry sectors.

Machine loading exactly as required in scalable robot cell

  • Simple extension

    Thanks to the modular design, the cell can be easily expanded with additional components

  • Individual grippers

    Prepared for the customer's gripper fingers and individually developed for each cell 

  • Easy control

    Uniform visualization via KUKA.HMI for simplified operation on each operating device

Robot cell for loading and unloading of machine tools

The automated handling cell consists of a KUKA robot with gripper (KR QUANTEC), two accumulating feed belts for individual parts, a hinged chain conveyor for finished parts and a reject component container that can be removed through a separate safety door. A protective enclosure secures the cell against unauthorized access.

KUKA cell4_loading modular with 1-axis positioner and a handling robot

The insertion area of the cell is equipped with a light curtain so that larger loads can easily be loaded and unloaded with a hoist:

  • One KR QUANTEC robot including robot control
  • 1-axis positioner KP1A with two mounting arms for customer-side mounting with maximum dimensions of 2000 mm x 800 mm
  • Application software KUKA.GripperTech and KUKA.SafeOperation
  • Optional equipment with a roller door for space-saving insertion area
  • Rear step protection optimally secured by laser scanner


Find further details and the scope of delivery in the flyer.
Insertion area with light curtain: the KUKA loading cell can be connected to a wide variety of machine tools.

KUKA cell4_loading modular with flexible logistics concept and a handling robot

The solution for automatic loading and unloading of friction welding and magnet arc welding machines.
  • One KR QUANTEC robot including robot control
  • Triple gripper for cycle time optimized component loading and unloading
  • Application software KUKA.GripperTech and KUKA.SafeOperation
  • Flexible layout design
  • Optional modules for DMC reading, DMC writing or a sluice drawer for SPC components
  • An extensive selection of conveyor systems such as belt, chain, pallet and accumulation roller conveyors, small container transport, etc.


Find further details and the scope of delivery in the flyer.
Example of a customized handling cell with two accumulating conveyors, a slat-band chain conveyor and removal option for reject containers
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