Grüner Industrieroboter umweltfreundlich

Ecological responsibility

Energy is a significant cost driver in many industries. In addition to functionality and procurement costs, the operating costs of a robot or system are becoming increasingly important decision-making criteria for our customers, especially in countries and regions with high energy prices.

Energy-efficient robots and systems are an important lever for reducing energy consumption in our customers’ applications. KUKA thus offers a wide range of energy-efficient solutions for customers to whom sustainable business practices are important from an ecological and economic standpoint. Thanks to their efficiency, KUKA robots and systems help our customers to save costs, while at the same time contributing to the conservation of resources and combating climate change.

With the new KR QUANTEC-2 product series, KUKA has subjected its bestseller to a rigorous appraisal and improved it for its customers. With the new series, we have been able to achieve a low TCO and thus higher efficiency. Use of low-maintenance or maintenance-free components enables longer maintenance intervals, therefore reducing downtimes. Compared with other robot models, the new KR QUANTEC-2 is “best in class”. KUKA is thus committed to an innovative servicing and maintenance concept for optimal operational efficiency throughout the life cycle. The service life of the robot arm is now up to 400,000 operating hours. Thanks to a 50 percent reduction in the main components, such as a new cable routing and energy supply concept, it has been possible to reduce downtimes and maintenance costs by up to 75 percent. As a result, the KR QUANTEC-2 is now more flexible, reliable and cost-efficient.

KUKA additionally offers customers tailored complete solutions for automating manufacturing processes, covering all activities from planning and design through to the implementation of automated production systems. The expertise lies in automating individual production processes such as welding and joining, processing various materials and integrating different production stages to form a fully automatic system. Here, KUKA is able to offer its customers alternative energy-efficient solutions.

Additionally, KUKA implements automation solutions for forward-looking warehouses and distribution centers. As a general contractor, the Swisslog business segment offers turnkey logistics solutions, employing data-controlled and robot-based automation in particular. Swisslog has created its own energy efficiency label called GreenLog for its customers. In complex logistics applications, with many individual automated processes running in an overall system, energy consumption is a decision-making criterion.

Noticeable savings can be achieved by improving energy management for entire plants or subsystems. For example, when sequencing the arrival times of shuttles or storage and retrieval machines, the peak power demand at the start of a motion can be considerably reduced. Brake energy regeneration can also be used to reduce power requirement peaks at the start of motion. Such improvements enable customers not only to generate a competitive advantage, but also to achieve a significant improvement in their environmental performance.


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