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Would you like a career with a future and are you interested in joining KUKA? Here, you can read the most important information about your application: in our career FAQs, we have grouped together the most frequently asked questions relating to apprenticeships, applications and career opportunities together with the answers.

Questions about the application

Why should I apply online?

By applying using our online form, you know your documents will be received directly by the responsible HR officer. In addition, the inquiry function in the form makes sure that you submit all the necessary documents. This means the application process will run efficiently and you will get a response quickly. 

Additonally, you can check the current status of your application in your personal application profile at any time.

Can I apply for several posts at the same time?

Multiple applications are basically possible. It is important that you apply for posts with similar profiles, which require similar skills and interests.

Tip for school leavers: if you are not yet sure which apprenticeship is the right one for you, we recommend that you only write one application nevertheless. In your covering letter, indicate an alternative apprenticeship to us which we will be happy to consider if possible. 

How can I apply for a post abroad?

In our online job exchange, we offer numerous posts all around the world. The application process may vary from country to country. Depending on the job description, you should apply either directly using our online application form which you will find in each vacancy notification or via e-mail. The notification also indicates a contact partner in all cases who will be happy to answer your questions via e-mail.

Questions about apprenticeships at KUKA

At what sites in Germany does KUKA offer training?

KUKA offers training at three sites: at its headquarters in Augsburg, in Bremen and in Obernburg. For detailed information about the various opportunities, refer to the Starting apprenticeship page.

Are there working hours regulations for school and university students at KUKA?

The working hours for school and university students are defined in our company – as is the remuneration – in the collective bargaining agreement. According to this, school students work 35 hours, while university students have a 40 hour week. Pupils and students work 38 hours a week at the Obernburg site. 

Can I write my diploma paper at KUKA?

Yes. We offer the opportunity for students on Bachelor’s, Master’s and diploma courses the opportunity to write their diploma paper at KUKA. If you have specific questions about your diploma paper, please contact the responsible colleagues directly:

Questions about KUKA as an employer

What is KUKA’s attitude to work/life balance?

We place great emphasis on offering our workforce a motivational working environment. This includes a healthy work/life balance. KUKA makes this possible, for example, with flexible working hours models, telecommuting or childcare in our company’s own Orange Care daycare center. You can find out more about our offers on the KUKA as an employer page.

What additional benefits does KUKA offer its workforce?

KUKA colleagues are eligible for many additional benefits. These include:

  • Retirement provisions
  • Employee profit-sharing
  • Canteen with subsidized prices
  • Works physician
  • Laundry service (cooperation with the Ulrichswerkstätten charity in Augsburg)

Does KUKA offer a sabbatical?

Sabbaticals are basically possible. We offer various models which can be agreed individually according to requirements and directly with your supervisor.

Questions about career perspectives

What are the prospects of further development at KUKA?

We offer our employees a range of continuing education opportunities, such as language and IT courses, robot training courses and management training. There are various options depending on requirements:

  • In-depth technical continuing education according to the annual target agreement
  • In-house continuing education at the KUKA Academy
  • Extramural continuing education in cooperation with set partners

Do women have good prospects at KUKA?

Absolutely! We are delighted when women are enthusiastic about the technical careers we offer. The quota of female apprentices at KUKA is relatively high, at 20 percent on average.

We pursue various initiatives to promote the proportion of female employees:

  • Taster opportunity for girls on Girls’ Day
  • Women’s network on our intranet
  • Continuing education courses (such as management training) at the KUKA Academy

Is job rotation possible at KUKA, and is it possible to work abroad?

As an internationally active group, it is important for us to have a global exchange. That is why we offer job rotations. The host country and duration may vary depending on the area of activity. The best opportunities for job rotations are at our subsidiaries in the USA and ChinaHere, you can find out more about our sites.

Please call us if you have further questions about your career. You can find the right contact at the bottom of this page.

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