Apprenticeship as industrial mechanic

The apprenticeship as industrial mechanic makes you into a technical all-rounder at KUKA. With your expertise relating to the functions, requirements and safety measures, you make sure that our machines and systems operate round the clock.

Industrial mechanic at KUKA

As an industrial mechanic, you get the best out of the production systems. You set up and check the systems and machines – for example work machines or special machines. Then you put them into operation and keep them maintained. In addition, you look after the interlinking connections to our technical systems.

Your apprenticeship at KUKA

The apprenticeship as industrial mechanic is your point of entry to a varied job with excellent perspectives. Later on, for example, you can take a master worker’s examination or continue your education in the technicians’ school or at university.

The apprenticeship includes the following fields of learning, amongst others:

  • Handling technical documents (for example manufacturing plans, drawings, standards)
  • Processing metals and plastics
  • Establishing permanent and non-permanent connections
  • Assembling and connecting electropneumatic and electrohydraulic controllers
  • Installing, setting, commissioning and maintaining assemblies, devices and machines
  • Rectifying faults on devices, machines and systems including their controllers

Our apprenticeship and continuing education opportunities

At KUKA, the technical apprenticeship as industrial mechanic also gears you up for the world of work in general. Benefit from these continuing education opportunities, for example:

  • Introduction days
  • Robot training
  • Foreign language courses
  • Courses for exam preparation
  • Foreign placements of four to five weeks

It goes without saying that we support you even after your apprenticeship at KUKA if you want to further your education. For example, the following opportunities are available to you:

  • Continuing education programs at the KUKA Academy
  • Sponsorship programs for master workers or technicians

Duration of the apprenticeship and application cut-off date

If you want to become an industrial mechanic, the apprenticeship will take 3.5 years. We offer it in Augsburg, in Bremen and in Obernburg.

Start of the apprenticeship:

  • Ausburg and Obernburg: 1 September
  • Bremen: 1 August


You can start applying for an apprenticeship at KUKA about 12 months before the start of the apprenticeship. As long as openings are displayed, you can apply.

Requirements for the apprenticeship as industrial mechanic 

You should offer this knowledge and these characteristics if you would like to do an apprenticeship as industrial mechanic at KUKA:

School qualifications

  • At least basic school-leaving certificate


Interests and attributes

  • Affinity for technology
  • Good results in mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • Manual dexterity
  • Commitment
  • Team skills
Start your future as an industrial mechanic at KUKA! We look forward to receiving your online application.

Contact Augsburg:
Mr. Manfred Schussmann
Head of Training Center
Tel. +49 821 797 1407


Contact Bremen:
Lisa Rodich
Tel. +49 421 6602 358


Contact Obernburg:

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