Electrical engineering co-operative education program

In the electrical engineering co-operative education program, you will learn to design, plan and analyze technical solutions. In the practical part, you deal with complex electronic systems – on customer premises as well. The co-operative education program concludes with a graduation certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC) and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

Electrical engineering course at KUKA

The electrical engineering co-operative education program is your entry point to electrical and operations technology. As an electrical engineer (Augsburg) or mechatronic (Bremen) at KUKA, you develop electrical components and circuits. You look after electric drives, the power supply, data processing and software development for complex technical tasks. In addition, you plan and design electronic systems, and analyze and solve technical problems.

In the electrical engineering co-operative education program at KUKA, you work with the latest robots and technologies and have a direct entry to Industrie 4.0. 

These are the principal tasks awaiting you during and after the electrical engineering co-operative education program:

  • Planning, analyzing and building electrical engineering structures
  • Developing and using electrical and electronic components and circuits
  • Developing software for complex technical tasks

Duration of the co-operative education program and graduation

The dual study takes three years or 4.5 years – depending on whether you are studying at KUKA in Bremen or in Augsburg. After you successfully complete the electrical engineering co-operative education program, you will qualify as an electronics technician in operations technology and gain the title of Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.).

Training locations at KUKA

KUKA offers the electrical engineering course at two sites: in Augsburg or in Bremen. In both cases, you will divide your time between the plant and the vocational school or university:


  • KUKA AG in Augsburg
  • Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Vocational school I



  • KUKA Systems GmbH, Assembly & Test Division in Bremen
  • Wilhelmshaven University of Applied Sciences

Requirements for the electrical engineering co-operative education program

You need to meet these prerequisites in order to study electrical engineering at KUKA:

School qualifications

  • Matriculation qualification for tertiary education

Interests and attributes

  • Affinity for technology and electronics
  • A good head for numbers and mathematics
  • Ability to think in three dimensions
  • Analytical/conceptual thinking


In our online job exchange, you can find all current vacancies for an electrical engineering co-operative education program at KUKA – work with us on the technologies of the future.


Contact Augsburg:
Mr. Daniel Goller
Tel. +49 821 797 3491

Contact Bremen:
Ms. Neele Kutzky
Tel. +49 421 6602-358

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