Student internship at KUKA in Augsburg: In just one week, you will gain exciting impressions of products, processes and structures.

School student internship

In a school student internship at KUKA, you will experience a taster of everyday work at a high-tech company for one week. You will get to know the various departments, and will even be involved in working on the large industrial robots. In this way, you can find out what career suits you.

Finding the appropriate placement

Before you make your decision about which career you want to learn, it is best to gain an impression of the everyday working life. At KUKA, everything is about automation. We want to share our passion for this with you. As a result, we offer school students the opportunity of working for a week at KUKA as part of our taster placements in Augsburg where they can get to know our products, procedures and structures. You will gain insights into our technical careers, and also find that our commercial branch has plenty to offer you.

You will get to know these careers and specialist areas during your school student placement:

In the industrial/technical area:

  • Industrial mechanic
  • Electronics technician for automation technology
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Lathe/milling machine operator – specializing in milling technology
  • Mechatronics 
  • Electrical engineering       
  • Mechanical engineering 

In the commercial area:

  • Industrial Clerk
  • IT specialist
  • Business information systems 
  • Information technology 

Procedure for a school student placement at KUKA in Augsburg 

A school student placement at KUKA in Augsburg lasts one week, no matter which career branch you choose. The contents vary depending on the specialist area:

Placement in the industrial/technical area

During the first three days, you will stay in our training center to get a taster of work at KUKA and find out what skills and competences are required for the individual professions. Then you spend two days in the production shops on the systems, machines and industrial robots – alongside experienced colleagues at all times, of course.

Placement in the commercial area

During five days, you gain an insight into all departments that make up the industrial clerk training occupation. These include the Human Resources, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing and Controlling departments. If you are interested in technology above all, you will also get to know our IT departments. 

On the first and last days of the school student placement, we invite you to take part in an introductory and concluding event regarding the work in the commercial area. This gives you an impression of our highly modern Training Center, where you can learn about the everyday work done by apprentices at KUKA.

Procedure for a school student placement at KUKA in Bremen

In Bremen, a school student placement last between one and three weeks, no matter which career branch you choose. The contents vary depending on the specialist area:

Placement in the industrial/technical area

For its stay at KUKA in Bremen every student receives an individually designed schedule. You will mainly spend your time in the training repair shop, assembly shop and construction.

Placement in the commercial area

During your placement in Bremen you will get to know the following departments:

  • Purchasing
  • Controlling
  • Human Resources
  • Qualty Management

Procedure for a school student placement at KUKA in Obernburg

In Obernburg, a student internship at KUKA lasts between one and two weeks, independently of the desired job profile. Each intern receives an individually created schedule. In the commercial/technical area, our interns are mainly employed in the assembly halls and design department; in the commercial area, you get to know the processes and systems of the administrative departments.

Placements between March and June; applications start November

School student placements are possible at KUKA from March to June. The application window starts every year in November. At the locations in Bremen and Obernburg, student internships are possible all year round. Please note:

  • The taster placement is unpaid.
  • During the Easter and Whitsun holidays, applicants from high schools and grammar schools are preferred. Background: it is not possible for you to take part in the school student placement during school time.

School student placement in a Fair Company

KUKA is a member of the Fair Company Initiative. For us, it is important that each taster placement candidate receives personal support – we do not leave anyone up to their own devices. We intend to work together with our colleagues over many years and create the basis for this in the school student placements. As a result, we offer optimum apprenticeship conditions to all.

An overview of the Fair Company rules

  • We do not replace full-time jobs with interns, voluntary interns or (school student) placement candidates.
  • We do not console graduates who have applied for a permanent position with an internship.
  • We do not lure trainees with vague hints of subsequent full-time employment.
  • KUKA offers the school student placement primarily as a means of career guidance during the apprenticeship phase.
From November on, you can apply online at for a school student placement at KUKA and learn about the world of automation and Industrie 4.0 – we are looking forward to hearing from you!
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