Mechanical Engineer (General Industries)

Kunshan, China

April 9, 2018


  • According to project requirement, plan, make reasonable project plan, detailed technical disclosure with project manager and customer, input project requirement

  • Design detailed project plan, finish standard components list, develop non-standard components, output drawings and part list and relevant design document, input info into ERP

  • Product design

  • Design according to product general planning, detail design according to inner structure, output of drawings and part list, input of product data into ERP system, improve design through prototype tiral manufacturing and finish new product development

  • Modify according to German drawings, re-select outsourcing parts, localize standard parts, make new bill of material, input product info into ERP, finish foreign production introduction design

  • Know about market situation, summarize design problems found during product trial manufacturing, know about the operation status of sold-out equipment and production line; continuously improve and update design drawings and part list, keep market competitiveness

  • Production technical support

  • Provide instructions for evaluation of suppliers and technical support

  • Communicate with and technical support for quality department about technical key points, judgement of none-confirmed incoming parts, quality control during assembling, product acceptance

  • Assist production department to make assembling process, provide technical instruction for new product assembling, give solutions for design problems found during assembling


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanics

  • More than three years mechanic design experience in relevant industries

  • English reading and writing, skillful in using OFFICE software, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc

  • Creativity, independent design ability, strong study and thinking ability, analyzing, judge and problem solving

  • Understanding , expressing, communication, and performance ability

  • Preciseness, caution, efficiency, cooperation

Start date: Immediately

Mechanical Engineer (General Industries)

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