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A doctor holding a tablet that connects her to the Internet of Medical Things.

How the Internet of Medical Things is transforming healthcare

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a subset of IoT that networks devices and applications used in medicine and healthcare.Here’s an overview of innovative applications already possible today thanks to IoMT.

Even before the pandemic, market observers projected IoMT to grow steeply from $61 trillion in 2019 to $261 trillion by 2027 (Reports & Data Study). No one could have predicted how much Covid-19 would actually accelerate the technological breakthrough of IoMT.

A woman stands in a room next to a bed: grandcentrix & Device Insight's narrowband IoT solution transforms STIEGELMEYER's hospital and care beds into smart products.
The narrowband IoT solution powered by grandcentrix & Device Insight turns STIEGELMEYER's hospital and care beds into smart products that improve everyday life for nursing staff and patients. 
From C02 room sensors and systems for relieving the burden on nursing staff to wearables and telemedicine: The blog post from our IoT specialist Device Insight gives you an insight into applications that are possible today thanks to IoMT.

KUKA Innovation Award 2022

Robotics in Healthcare Challenge

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