KUKA BierPaulii

The KUKA LBR iiwa perfects the art of pouring wheat beer. It is the ultimate attraction to make a lasting impression at your company party, trade fair booth or any other event.

With the BierPaulii event application, KUKA is demonstrating what a perfectly poured wheat beer looks like.

The sensitive lightweight robot LBR iiwa grips the glass without breaking it. It detects whether the glass is full or empty, rinses it and prepares it for the beer. The wheat beer bottle is then opened, the beer is poured and the residual yeast is transfered to the glass with a skillful swivel. Now,  a thirsty visitor can pick up the perfectly poured wheat beer directly from the robot.

The safe interaction between humans and robots is made possible by intelligent security technologies that the LBR iiwa is equipped with.

The KUKA BierPaulii in detail

Take a look at the following illustration and learn how the BierPaulii works and what its characteristics are.

  • Sensitivity

    As a lightweight with high performance control the LBR iiwa detects contours quickly and force-controlled. It measures the correct installation position and assembles parts rapidly and highly precisely with an axis-specific torque accuracy of ±2% of the maximum torque. The LBR iiwa finds small filigree in no time.

  • Performance

    It doesn't matter whether it's about pouring wheat beer in competition against a radio presenter or helping production workers with their daily work in the factory, thus simplifying their everyday work: The LBR iiwa is always at full power.

    See the full clip of the Paulaner pouring duel right at the bottom of the page. Cheers to that!

  • Learning ability

    Select from three operating modes and program the LBR iiwa by simulation. Show it the desired position – it remembers the coordinates of the path point. For breaks simply interrupt and control it by touching.

  • Responsiveness

    Thanks to joint torque sensors, the LBR iiwa recognizes contacts immediately and instantly reduces force and speed.

    Sensitive components are handled by the position and compliance control without shearing and clamping points.

  • Independence

    The KUKA Sunrise Cabinet controller of the LBR iiwa simplifies the fast commissioning and the performance of complex tasks.

    Make the LBR iiwa the third hand of a human and let him perform unergonomic, monotonous tasks reliably and independently.

Experience the BierPaulii in Action

Requirements for using the BierPaulii at your event:

  • Indoor event

  • Suitable installation place (basic dimensions of the BierPaulii: 1.6 m × 1.0 m, weight: approx. 250 kg)

  • 220/230 volts AC with recommended power of 1.5 kW

  • Provision of beverages by the customer

  • On-site kitchen

Our extensive service package offers you

On-site service

A KUKA employee operates the BierPaulii and is available for questions before and during the event.

Transport and setup

Transport, operation as well as setting up and dismantling are included. Thus, you can focus your attention fully on your event.

Available worldwide

Wherever the event takes place: The BierPaulii are bookable and operational worldwide.

Perfect results

Suitable 0.5 litres wheat beer glasses are provided by us to ensure perfect results.

Request an appointment for the BierPaulii

Convince yourself and book the BierPaulii for your company party, trade fair booth or any other event

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All facts about BierPaulii at a glance for download

  • Preview 1
  • Preview 2

Facts compact: Download this brochure to get all data and facts about the BierPaulii application.

Download here

Ready for the factory of the future

Wheat beer serving or mass production of small parts –with intelligent human-robot collaboration (HRC), manual operations can be automated safely and efficiently. This gives rise to exciting new automation concepts: Humans and robots work alternately at a shared workstation or work hand in hand on the same task.

Our robot-based sensitive assembly solutions can be seamlessly integrated into series production. The KUKA LBR iiwa enables entirely new solutions in production technology. The robot’s integrated, high-performance, flexible sensor technology, along with the great freedom of movement provided by its seven axes, allow it to perform a wide range of work processes with the sensitive touch of a human. And it does so in compliance with standards and certified by TÜV.

It makes no difference whether you are a newcomer to automation or whether you wish to expand an existing system by intelligent HRC concepts. We provide just the right components, such as grippers, screwdrivers or linear axes, and are at your disposal with our experts at any time.

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