SmartFactory as a Service

A revolutionary cooperation opens the door for new ideas: MHP, KUKA and Munich Re are bundling their synergies and jointly developing the innovative ‘SmartFactory as a Service’ concept. The combining of core competencies in software integration, automation technology, systems engineering as well as risk and financial management is creating visionary production solutions for the requirements of the future.

Mastering the challenges of the future

Manufacturing companies have to react ever more quickly to changing customer requirements. Flexible production sequences – with, for example, the possibility of modifying product types or quantities at will – are becoming increasingly important. At the same time, quality and profitability must not suffer. SmartFactory as a Service enables companies to master the challenges of the future through completely digitalized production sequences

Intelligent factory: from the idea through to the finished solution

SmartFactory as a Service is the product of intelligent cooperation between MHP, KUKA and Munich Re to combine their core competencies in software integration, automation technology, systems engineering and risk and financial management. Together with further partners from the automotive industry, new production solutions are being developed and tested for dynamically changing customer requirements.

With this combined know-how, the initiative is not only able to support its customers from the initial idea right through to the finished solution; the company is also able to advise customers on the various smart networking opportunities for everyday production brought about by Industrie 4.0 and how to minimize risks at the same time. The intelligent factory allows customers to use scalable, fully automatic and adaptable production capacities as a service at variable cost. It also shortens traditional market launch times and offers maximum reliability and quality through integrated risk management.

Seminars, expert presentations and events

The ‘SmartFactory as a Service’ in the ‘Werksviertel’ of Munich stands for innovation and exclusivity and provides an invitation to important seminars, special company events and exceptional expert presentations. The innovative structure makes it possible to acquire a deep understanding of the meaning of intelligent production in the age of digitalization. Besides the use of the location, an option is provided to use the daily accrued data sets of the demonstrator.

Overview of ‘SmartFactory as a Service’

Already today, ‘SmartFactory as a Service’ demonstrates that the flexible production systems of the future know no limits. A broad spectrum of services, machines, robots and software platforms can be linked to one another without making system operation too complex. In fact, an intuitive interface makes ‘SmartFactory as a Service’ easy to use for every customer. ‘SmartFactory as a Service’ is capable of manufacturing, packaging and delivering a highly customized product in an extremely short cycle time. The product is a puzzle, manufactured in a batch size of 1, that the customers can take home with them.
  • Pick-up station

    ‘SmartFactory as a Service’ pick-up station
    Upon completion, the puzzle is deposited in a buffer store. The customer can pick up the puzzle here.
  • Ordering process

    Input terminal
    The customer starts the ordering process at one of the input terminals. The customer’s own image can be uploaded or a standard image can be selected. Customers are then able to determine the shape of the puzzle pieces and place the order.
  • Printing process

    Puzzle printing
    The puzzle motif is printed in high resolution onto the cardboard.
  • Bonding process

    Gluing the puzzle to the protective folder
    The puzzle glued onto a folder. The hot-melt adhesive is then applied using a volume-controlled piston dispenser. During this, a KR 10 AGILUS performs the workpiece handling and guides the parts under a stationary adhesive application nozzle
  • Laser cutting

    Laser cutting the puzzle
    The puzzle is cut into its separate pieces by a laser. Laser cutting is a non-contact process. It is frequently used with materials in sheet form. The material melts where the laser beam meets it. This results in precise, smooth cuts. The robot is equipped with an integrated beam guide. Having the laser source directly on the robot – and therefore a short beam path – ensures minimal losses. With a reach of 2300 mm, the CO2 laser robot features scalable laser power and online lens monitoring and can also be used in laser cells of a light-proof design (class 1).
  • SmartProduction_monitoring

    All robots, cells and logistics of the Smart Factory are digitally networked. Thanks to the standardized interface of the KUKA SmartProduction_monitoring solution, it is possible to observe and analyze the status of the Smart Factory and detect any potential malfunctions or imminent failures in good time. In day-to-day production, this enables an increase in total system availability and a significant reduction in costs by minimizing downtimes.
  • Synchronized Intelligence – SynQ

    SynQ controls and monitors all logistics work steps
    A key element of the Smart Factory is “Synchronized Intelligence”, or SynQ for short. It controls and monitors all of the logistical work steps that are related to the puzzle production process, from the order process and the organization of packaging materials right through to the collection process. SynQ makes use of an interface to communicate with the robots and system components and also communicates with each customer by email. The software creates replenishment orders, arranges the delivery of materials and produces statistics for all of the automated processes. This ensures that the processes are transparent and verifiable. All robots, cells and logistics of the SmartFactory are linked via the cloud-based software solution KUKA Connect. Thanks to the standardized interface of the KUKA SmartProduction solution, it is possible to observe and analyze the status of the Smart Factory and detect any potential malfunctions or imminent failures in good time. By minimizing downtimes, this reduces the costs of day-to-day production.
  • Transport robot

    Fully automated transport process
    The puzzle moves through all of the production steps fully automatically in less than 15 minutes
    the materials are fetched from storage, the image is printed, the puzzle pieces are cut by a laser, the image is glued onto folder and the product is delivered via a buffer store and repository. The customers can view the production status of their puzzle at any time and are notified when the puzzle is complete.
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