KUKA presents the certified LBR Med with new application examples at the MEDICA trade fair. Visit us from 13 to 16 November at the international flagship trade fair for the medical sector in Dusseldorf. More than 5,000 exhibitors will be presenting their latest devices, products and systems for in-patient and out-patient care. Find KUKA in hall 10, booth B44.

Robot-based ultrasound application with LBR Med

The LBR Med is the first robotic component worldwide to be certified for integration into a medical product. The LBR Med has integrated, sensitive joint torque sensors in all seven axes. These endow the lightweight robot with contact detection capabilities and programmable compliance. As the first series-produced sensitive robot, it is suitable for human-robot collaboration and is opening up new areas that were previously closed to automation.
LBR Med – Demonstration of Features
“Haptic Ultrasound” is a robot-based ultrasound application for demonstration purposes. The robot arm of the LBR Med is equipped with an ultrasound sensor and executes exactly those motions specified by the user in a haptic input system. A special phantom can also be used as a model. The sensor then generates images in real time, which are delivered to the monitors through USB interfaces. The separation of controller and robot allows the patient and doctor to be in different places and enables reliable remote diagnosis during ultrasound examinations.
LBR Med – Haptic Ultrasound application

Robert ApS: The LBR Med robot will show his functions for rehabilitation. 

ROBERT® is a robotic rehabilitation device used for the rehabilitation of patients that are weak, bedridden and/or sedentary after, for example surgery, trauma or aggravation of disorders. By utilizing the LBR Med, ROBERT® is able to bring mobilization of bedridden patients to an all new level. Today the healthcare sector experiences many days of sick leave due to heavy lifting on patients. By using the professional skill of the healthcare professional, where he/she teaches the robot the exercise path, and then letting the robot arm perform the heavy lifting as well as the many repetitions, ROBERT® and the LBR Med is bringing collaborative healthcare technology to a higher level.

Fraunhofer IPA: Precisely positioning interventional needles thanks to a robotic arm

The LBR Med helps to find the ideal position for interventional needles, which is used in biopsies for instance. Without a robot it is a difficult and time-consuming process. Now this can be performed automatically, using KUKA robotic arm to place a needle guide for the doctor at the optimal insertion point. With the robotic assistance, doctors can work up to 80 % faster. The Institute of Fraunhofer will show this solution at the KUKA booth. For more information, visit the Fraunhofer website. 

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