The technology of deburring is used throughout the foundry market in order to precisely, quickly and efficiently remove sprues, runners and other process-relevant excess material after components are cast.

Deburring: the technology

So-called flash or projections can form at edges during the various casting processes. These edges, which can be sharp, may not only impair the functioning of the end product but also increase the risk of injury.

For this reason, when manufacturing metal parts, these projections must be removed during the finishing process. This technology is referred to as trimming or deburring.

Automated deburring

The expertise embodied in the KUKA (formerly Reis Robotics) product family of more than 20 different models is attributable to the experience gained from more than 3,000 trimming presses delivered throughout the world.

The highlights of these presses include optimized mechanical features such as larger clamping surfaces, easier access for maintenance purposes and significantly improved energy efficiency. This is achieved, in part, through the use of pump drives based on servomotors (variable-speed pump systems). They make it possible to minimize the cycle times and energy consumption of your production system.

Deburring: the advantages

With the trimming press product family SEP 08 to SEP 22, KUKA covers the range from 30 t to 300 t. This product portfolio maximizes the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing operations and offers numerous advantages:
  • Low-backlash pillar guides and bend-proof press frames ensure precise cutting
  • Outstanding precision, speed and durability
  • High cost-effectiveness thanks to trimming and machining at different levels in one clamping set-up

The successful operating and programming logic of the reisPAD is transferred to the press environment by means of the new controller generation. This provides operators with an intuitive user interface with process visualization that is comparable to that of the robots usually located right next to the press.
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