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KUKA cell4_screwsetting

Flexible manufacturing cell for fully automated screwing for production lines.

KUKA screw cell for automatic screw assembly

Compact solutions for industrial bolting applications can be configured into tailor-made bolting solutions through versatile, modular standard packages and automation options.

Robot cell for industrial screwing applications: advantages of cell4_screwsetting

  • Easy integration and commissioning

    • Simplified programming and commissioning with KUKA.UserTech and KUKA ready2_pilot
    • Offline programming for new applications during production with KUKA.Sim Pro
    • Virtual commissioning of new components
  • Ready for digital Services

    • Remote Service and 24/7 Hotline
    • Management information: Web access to the dashboard via KUKA.HMI web and access to operating data via KUKA Device Connector
    • Global spar parts supply and service support
  • High Quality 

    • Quality assurance through component-related documentation of relevant process parameters
    • Camera to check and correct the screw position on the component (optional)

Different KUKA screwsetting cells for a wide range of workpieces

The KUKA cell4_screwsetting is available as a stand-alone version with manual turntable and with preparation for easy integration into a feeding system.

Standard configurations:

Cell type cell4_screwsetting compact single KR
cell4_screwsetting compact KP1M single KR
3.330 mm 3.860 mm
Width 2.200 mm
Height 2.560 mm
Robot KR CYBERTECH (KR 20 R1810-2)
Positioner --- KP1-V2T250M
Screwing unit Electric screwdriver 12 Nm
Insertion area Prepared for conveyor belt ---

Individual screwsetting cells thanks to option packages

Depending on the requirements of the screwsetting application, different option packages can be selected:
  • Predefined screwdriving equipment packages including screw feeding
    • STÖGER bolting unit type SER 2501,
      Screw type M5x20 ISR Torx (ISO 14583)
  • Camera to check / correct the screw position on the component
    • mounted on the robot
    • mounted stationary in the cell
  •  Extended KUKA application software packages:
    • KUKA.ProcessScreen
      (for monitoring + documentation of the process parameters)
  • Operation and visualization with KUKA.HMI Advanced
  • customized design and process equipment on request
Compact screwsetting cell: KUKA cell4_screwsetting compact single KR

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