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Developed using proven control concepts from practical experience, supplemented by years of know-how: The KUKA.AppTech programming concept enables efficient and, above all, simple robot programming in a minimum of time. Thanks to the modular design of the library, the software is suitable not only for beginners, but also for experienced programmers.

KUKA.AppTech shortens start-up time

A robot can only do what it is taught to do beforehand by means of software commands. This teaching time can be shortened using the KUKA.AppTech software. The programming concept is based on a modular principle, consisting of predefined structures and program sequences. No deeper programming knowledge is necessary when using it. This allows even beginners to gain easy access to robotics and automation. Thanks to modular programming, the robot can be put into operation in record time – with time savings of up to 30 percent compared to conventional implementation without KUKA.AppTech.

Online and offline programming mesh perfectly: 
The advantages of KUKA.AppTech

Switch flexibly between online programming and offline programming: KUKA.AppTech makes it easy for personnel to create and test motion sequences. A digital twin is created that can be transferred to the real robot – and the programming concept offers even more advantages than this.
  • Quick

    Optimized project preparation, simulation and quick start-up
  • Standardized

    Reusable programs through standardized templates
    (individually adaptable)
  • Easy

    Easy offline and online programming of complex robot applications
  • Efficient

    Ideal robot deployment for integrators and end customers

Library facilitates programming – even for extensive systems

As the link between the industrial robot and the programmable logic controller (PLC), the KUKA.AppTech technology package contains a program library that integrators and advanced programmers can use to implement even complex applications in a structured and standardized manner. The modules can be expanded and rewritten as desired. The motion routines and sequences stored in the library reduce programming to a minimum – whether for handling, welding, adhesive bonding or measuring. KUKA.AppTech increases efficiency since program structures and motion sequences do not have to be reprogrammed each time, but rather can simply be reused. The time savings leave more scope for customer-specific adaptations and optimizations.


Offline programming of industrial robots: the advantages 

Easy to operate

Easily comprehensible program structures and recurring commands make KUKA.AppTech easy to use. Robot programming using a modular system with ready-made elements reduces the amount of training required for beginners.

Flexible and safe

KUKA.AppTech uses fixed I/O interfaces for various types of PLCs and KR C controllers. The associated PLC blocks enable easy control of the KUKA robot. 

Maximum efficiency and convenience

Thanks to efficient and simplified offline programming with inline forms and help guided by dialogs, the robot can quickly be put into operation and the overall effort required is reduced by up to 30 percent.

Offline programming system saves time

With KUKA.AppTech, most of the robot programming is done offline on the PC. That saves time and cuts costs. Additionally, the technology package is compatible with the KUKA.Sim simulation software, which also simplifies offline preparation.

Customer-specific adaptations

The elements for station and component programs can be flexibly adapted to customer-specific requirements. The preprogrammed modules can be individually expanded or adapted with user-defined functions.

Developed through practical experience

KUKA.AppTech was developed with the aid of control concepts that have proven themselves in practice over many years. As a result, the software fits exactly to the needs of the users and delivers high quality.

KUKA.AppTech: application and basic modules

The KUKA.AppTech technology package has various modules that can be used in robot programming: The basic modules are already fully programmed and can be added to the robot by a simple click. The application modules are installed as needed and adapted to the individual requirements. Users benefit from modules such as the following:

24/7 access to information and services on my.KUKA

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Directly after your successful registration you have access to numerous functions. After verification of your account, you will also receive company-specific information and benefits. This process serves the security of your individual login and can take a few days.

College training course

Installation, configuration and use of the entire KUKA.AppTech modular system for robot programming.

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