Digitalisation enables new business models

SmartFactory as a Service is revolutionising the future of manufacturing. Manufacturers can respond to client needs much faster and with greater flexibility – while simultaneously limiting operational and financial risks.

A faster response – With greater flexibility

Digitalisation allows for new fabrication options with which manufacturers can respond faster and more flexibly to client needs. To take full advantage of these possibilities, however, innovative business models are needed. The three partners MHP, KUKA and Munich Re aim to digitise the whole value chain, realise a high quality end-to-end data flow, and meld areas and systems in the production development process that were previously unconnected.

A plant’s ability to adapt is the key criterion in making manufacturing fit for the future. Our clients face the challenge of responding swiftly and flexibly to market needs. SmartFactory as a Service can achieve this. Our cooperation with Munich Re and MHP brings the business models of the future a great deal closer.

Dr. Till Reuter, CEO of KUKA AG
Experience the ‘SmartFactory as a Service’ in person in the ‘Werksviertel’ in Munich.

Pooling core competences

The three companies are pooling their core competences: KUKA develops the robot-based, automated production; MHP provides its digitalisation expertise, offering consultancy on the closed-loop manufacturing approach throughout the project phase, and delivers systems integration. Munich Re rounds out the business model with integrated risk management and innovative finance models.

Acceleration can no longer be confined to the shop floor. We need a self-contained “engineering value chain” – which means consistent data, processes and organisations. This end-to-end workflow facilitates the optimisation of highly individualised manufacturing – mass customisation using series production tools.

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Hofmann, CEO of MHP

Sustainably boosting competitiveness

Through the innovative integration of end-to-end and embedded management of data and risk, SmartFactory as a Service accelerates the product development process and facilitates product testing and development in line with market requirements. SmartFactory as a Service will reduce new products’ time to market by up to 30%, thus significantly improving one of the most decisive competitive factors for manufacturers. For the first time, this makes flexible small-batch manufacturing commercially viable, and clients’ changing requirements for customised products can be fulfilled quicker.

SmartFactory as a Service enables manufacturers to focus on inspiring their clients while simultaneously increasing profitability

The combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with the digitalisation of all processes, and with risk management and financial strength enables a new and innovative form of manufacturing. One that we plan to develop in partnership with our clients, supporting them on their journey into the digital future.

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