Timo Boll: The Perfect Match

Over recent years, Timo Boll and the KR AGILUS have squared up to one another in some tough contests. Today, things are quite different: in 2016, the table tennis superstar and our robots form a perfect unit. See for yourself!

Timo Boll in harmony with the robot

2016 is the year for rethinking – and the same goes for our brand ambassador, Timo Boll, who had the honor of serving as the German flag bearer at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In the two videos, “The Duel” and “The Revenge”, Timo Boll competed against the KUKA KR AGILUS for dominance in speed and skill. First of all, the pair faced one another in a tough table tennis match, and after that tried their skills playing musical glasses.

In the new video, “The Perfect Match”, Timo Boll gets to know a new KUKA robot: with the KR titan on the KUKA omniMove mobile platform, he is practicing in perfect harmony.

Human against machine was yesterday: in 2016 Timo Boll teams up with the robot in “The Perfect Match”.

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