KUKA at MachTech - Industrial Days 2019

At MachTech - Industrial Days, KUKA presents the new generation of industrial robots and an unique robot-based ride simulation.

The KUKA Coaster has been the crowd-puller in theme parks, family entertainment centers and large amusement parks for many years now. KUKA was able to supply more than 50 systems of the old generation worldwide. Now it is time to introduce in Hungary.

Robots are not only capable of welding, screwing and palletizing: KUKA Hungária Kft.presents a wide range of applications for industrial robots on 14-17 May 2019 at Industry Days - MachTech Exhibition, where a total of 246 m2 will be waiting for visitors at Hungexpo G Pavilion.

KUKA Coaster - Taking fun to a new level

The KUKA Coaster is a six-axis industrial robot with a gondola for two people mounted on its arm. It offers the passenger freely programmable motion combinations, guaranteeing high-speed action rides consisting of wild rotations, daring loop-the-loops and spectacular swivel motions. The passenger never knows what to expect next. This is because unlike a conventional roller coaster, where the layout of the track hints at the next motions of the carriage, the KUKA Coaster constantly surprises its passengers with new, unexpected twists and turns.
The KUKA Coaster was the first industrial robot ever to be licensed to carry passengers.

New generation of robots: KR QUANTEC and KR AGILUS

The updated design leads to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) since previous mainte-nance measures are partially eliminated. The new KR QUANTEC will also be easier to care for over time: Downtimes and maintenance requirements are minimized through the inclusion of a new cable and energy supply system concept as well as a reduction in the number of spare parts.

The new KR AGILUS stands out due to its versatility that enables you to tap new fields of application. Irrespective of the installation position – whether on the floor, ceiling or wall – it achieves utmost precision in confined spaces thanks to its integrated energy supply system and service-proven KR C4 compact controller. The safe robot functionality paves the way for innovative automation concepts.

New KR QUANTEC where is the keyword: optimized modular system

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