KUKA ready2_powerlink

Simple integration is essential for incorporating robots into existing processes. With ready2_powerlink, KUKA enables the fast and preconfigured connection of robots to B&R pro-grammable logic controllers via the Powerlink standard.

Evolutionary robot control package

Based on the mxAutomation portfolio, KUKA has a vast experience in integrating KUKA robots and controllers into third-party controller systems. The ready2_powerlink package is a further evolution, offering the use of KUKA robots with PLC via POWERLINK standard – meeting Consumer Goods market demand for an interface to the EtherNet POWERLINK real-time standard. (Bernecker & Rainer, including mxAutomation).

KUKA ready2_powerlink: Your advantages

  • Preconfiguration. Minimum installation and integration efforts.
  • Programming standard. KUKA.PLC mxAutomation.
  • Easy robot control. Use Bernecker & Rainer PLC via POWERLINK
Package for the easy control of a robot with no training requirements


KUKA ready2_powerlink is the ideal solution for the automation of machines which operate B&R pro-grammable logic controllers (PLCs). Whether for loading, unloading, handling or supporting pro-cesses, industrial robots can help to increase the efficiency of machine use through a wide variety of tasks. 


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