Automation in the electronics industry

KUKA gives you an edge over the competition: our robotic automation solutions for the electronics industry can be implemented quickly, enable flexible production and make production processes more efficient.

Fast and smart products for our dynamic world

• The electronics industry is one of the most rapidly changing branches of industry worldwide. KUKA has developed the ready2_use packages specially for this industry – innovative automation solutions that bring you numerous economic advantages. With the preconfigured packages consisting of robots, innovative software and efficient control technology, you optimize your return on investment, increase your output and benefit from considerably more flexible production.

• KUKA is a leading partner in numerous Industrie 4.0 initiatives. In the laboratories at our technology centers, we work on the latest technologies and conduct research into future scenarios.

• The KUKA Sales and Service team is there to support customers worldwide – at any time and in any place.

ESD robot for the production of electronic components: ideally protected against electrostatic charging or discharging

Whether for assembly or the testing and packaging of electronic consumer goods – KUKA offers various robot series in ESD design as standard for electronics production. These robots are equipped with electrically conductive elements and surfaces and are thus suitable for the safe handling of electronic components such as IC chips, printed circuit boards or automotive electronics and sensor systems.

KR 3 AGILUS, your ideal production partner

With the KR 3 AGILUS, KUKA offers top performance in the smallest of spaces. It was specially developed for the assembly and handling of small parts – a field in which the lightweight robot masters a wide range of different tasks with agility and dynamism – in compact, cost-efficient manufacturing cells measuring just 600 x 600 mm. The result: maximum output and extreme precision with very short cycle times.

Robotic Automation in the Electronics Industry | KUKA Talks Trends 

Cost reduction and increased ROI

Our robots automate different processes in the electronics industry and boost your production output. Greater efficiency, improved quality with fewer rejects and stable production costs offer maximum ROI.

Fitting micro screws with the KR 3 AGILUS

ready2_use: The integrated KR AGILUS is the first six-axis robot for fastening M1 and M2 micro screws.

Overview of the advantages for you

  • The high precision of our robots and solutions ensures consistent quality
  • Our robots offer high availability and are ideal for 24/7 production
  • KUKA robots have minimal maintenance requirements and therefore minimal maintenance costs
  • Smart software solutions enable safe operation

The right KUKA robot for the electronics industry 

The KR 3 AGILUS is the ideal robot for the assembly and handling of small parts and products in the electronics industry. As the fastest robots in the 3-kilogram class, the KR 3 AGILUS achieves high production output with very short cycle times.

The robots of the KR AGILUS family are suitable for many different handling and machining tasks in the electronics industry, such as loading and unloading machines, polishing smartphone casings or handling displays. The special KR AGILUS CR variant meets the high cleanliness requirements of ISO 2 and is thus ideal, for example, for operation in the semiconductor industry.

Robots of the KR CYBERTECH family are ideal for the production of metal housings for electronics products. An extensive range of models for payloads from 6 to 22 kg provides the optimal solution for CNC, loading/unloading and handling as well as processes such as polishing and deburring.

The robots of the LBR iiwa family enable unique assembly concepts in the electronics industry. LBR iiwa is sensitive and can automate complex assembly tasks responsively. Comprehensive safety features enable direct cooperation between humans and robots – without the need for safety fencing.

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