Rotational friction welding machines

Technological trends, such as e-mobility and lightweight construction, place great demands on the welding process. Rotational friction welding machines from KUKA meet the expectations of modern production processes and ensure that you can industrially join a wide range of different material combinations cost-effectively.

Many years of experience demonstrated time and again

More than 50 years ago, KUKA established rotational friction welding as an industrial joining process. The product portfolio was expanded in 1994 with the takeover of machine manufacturer Thompson Friction Welding (UK). Since then, KUKA has been one of the global market leaders in this field with more than 1,200 rotational friction welding machines installed in over 44 countries. The friction welding machines can be used to manufacture a broad spectrum of components for different industries, such as the automotive, construction, oil & gas, aircraft and electrical industries. 

With our unique KUKA Tech Centers at the Augsburg (Germany) and Halesowen (UK) plants, we are already able today to test the practical viability of the innovative concepts of tomorrow. We also offer additional services, such as process validation, prototype construction or small series, or take care of the entire manufacturing process in multiple-shift operation.

Advantages of KUKA rotational friction welding machines

The high-tech machines set standards not only in terms of precision, dynamics and process control, but also with their high productivity.

  • Maximum cost reduction: the state-of-the-art rotational friction welding machines make it possible to limit use of expensive material to those points that are relevant for the component. 
  • Wide variety of material combinations: the KUKA rotational friction welding machines also enable the welding of challenging combinations of materials, such as aluminum and copper.
  • Maximum flexibility: every technology has its advantages. Double headstock, fixed or moving headstock: we offer the ideal solution for every workpiece.
  • Utmost availability: thanks to the use of high-quality components, maintenance requirements are low and machine availability very high.
  • Component optimization: using rotational friction welding machines, the requirements of the mobility industry with regard to weight reduction are met.
  • Maximum welding quality: with rotational friction welding, you are opting for a production process in which every component is validated..
  • Maximum ergonomics: the use of intuitive touchscreen operation and the ergonomically designed working area make work faster and more effective.
  • Maximum traceability: all process data are numerically and graphically documented and electronically archived by the KUKA PCD (Process Control and Documentation) which was specially developed by KUKA for this purpose. Complaints are thus a thing of the past.

Machines custom-tailored to your needs

KUKA has various rotational friction welding machines in its product portfolio with a forge force between one and 10,000 kilonewtons. This range covers even the most difficult components. Whether you opt for our new, compact and universal Genius series or special machines for particular components – the range of machines offers two different design types that are tailored to your requirements. Special sizes and designs, such as double-spindle machines and machines of vertical design, are available on request.
Our product portfolio: KUKA rotational friction welding machines at a glance

Rotational friction welding machines from KUKA: prepared for Industrie 4.0

Integrating KUKA rotational friction welding machines into your production network is a proven means of increasing your productivity. This requires open interfaces and intelligent control. As a manufacturer of flexible systems for automated production, KUKA has the experience and expertise to develop and implement cost-effective complete solutions with high process reliability. With their easily accessible working area and the network capability of the controller, our rotational friction welding machines offer ideal conditions for the new era of Industrie 4.0.

With KUKA rotational friction welding machines, you have the option of welding even challenging and safety-relevant material combinations – for any market and with the highest quality guarantee. Call us. We are happy to advise you.

A concrete Industrie 4.0 solution for friction welding machines has already won prizes: Thanks to the SmartConnect.frictionwelding software, the friction welding machine KUKA Genius can communicate in the cloud in a networked manner, giving users worldwide access to machine, production and process data. For this, KUKA was honored with the Industrie 4.0 Innovation Award by the jury of the VDE Verlag and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI).
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