KUKA SmartProduction

KUKA SmartProduction makes your production line ready for the future. By intelligently and securely connecting all manufacturing machines to the cloud, we increase your production efficiency and process quality in a sustainable manner.

KUKA SmartProduction as a software for intelligent networking

Production lines consist of numerous sensors, actuators, network components, and lots more. Virtually all these integrated “things” are potentially valuable information providers, since processes depend on the interaction of various components and peripheral properties. If the aim is to use data not only to optimize individual components, but also to increase process quality, they must be intelligently processed and visualized together. KUKA SmartProduction gives system operators access to the information of process-relevant machines for evaluation – in compliance, of course, with the highest security standards and clear data association.

The cloud as a central storage

KUKA SmartProduction ensures easy, seamless, and manufacturer-independent cross-sector linkage of all production machines in the cloud. Designed for maximum freedom, KUKA SmartProduction can be deployed across different hardware and software landscapes. KUKA solution’s standardized interfaces and future-proof architecture make it the ideal IoT platform for enterprises in all markets and sectors.

KUKA SmartProduction lets you easily digitize your processes and make them accesible via the cloud.

A new level of digitization

KUKA SmartProduction enables all enterprises to consistently digitize whole cells and production lines. It creates an interoperable network, in which micro services and Big Data analyses can be used to analyze and lastingly improve manufacturing efficiency, quality, and flexibility. With our open platform we offer component manufacturers, system integrators, and machine operators an additional channel for value-added services and applications for the manufacturing industry.

Connecting and digitizing processes sustainably increases your production efficiency and quality.

At the end of the day, the question remains: what does the future hold for medium-sized engineering enterprises? With KUKA SmartProduction, KUKA paves the way for enterprises across all sectors to position themselves in the digital world. The challenge and chance for those enterprises is to seize the opportunities while not losing touch with own core competencies.

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