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Welcome to our annual System Partner event on October 27th

We at KUKA are extremely happy to invite you to the annual system partner event in October. During the past years KUKA has been working frantically to stand stronger and bring more benefits to our customers. A central part here is that KUKA is so much more than robots!

During these days we are really looking forward to discuss with you how cost of ownership of a robotic fleet can be lowered, how the time from design to installation of a production line can be shortened, how an installed base can be monitored and optimized with virtually no effort and so much more. And don’t worry, we have a few new robots ready to collaborate with you as well!. But most of all we are looking forward to meet in real life and discuss with you how we can grow together.

Should we call it a digital twin?

The topic of a digital twin has been long established, but is “digital twin” really reaching it’s full potential regarding cost savings and increase of productivity and shortened time to market. Perhaps a real life example can shed some light on where the real benefits are. To use a digital twin is in the media today described as the silver bullet when it comes to optimizing production and saving money. As the concept of the digital twin can cover so areas of applications, it can easily grow into something larger and more complex than intended. We at KUKA claims that the digital twin is neither a product nor very expensive or complicated. Instead the digital twin is a method to be employed by both supplier and customer as a standard project method,  which automatically improves the outcome and result of the project – with no or very little extra costs.

Collaboration and Robotics

For a few years collaborative robots has been on the tongue of everyone. KUKA is now taking the next step in robotics and collaboration by removing the differences between a collaborative robot and an industrial robot. In a new generation of robots, we can now provide robots that are both industrial and collaborative at the same time
Ready to use quickly, right out of the box. _It’s iisy.  The LBR iisy is an all-around cobot for automated production, based on KUKA’s next generation operating system, iiQKA.OS
LBR iisy


Time Topic
Registration and Coffee

Welcome and introduction "-more than robots!"

including Presono 
10.30-11.00 iisy & iiQKA 
a new generation of industrial/collaborative robots
11.00-11.15 Coffee Break
11.20-11.40 Workshop 1
11.45-12.05 Workshop 2
12.05-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.30 Food & Healthcare - Hygienic offering

Virtual commissioning a case study,

what worked? What benefits did it bring?

14.05-14.25 Workshop 3
14.25-14.40 Coffee
14.40-15.00 Workshop 4
15.00-15.30 Warranty Pro and CS offering, service when you need it
 15.30-16.00 Where is the robotic market headed? Trends and tendencies in the robotic market
 16.00-16.15  Roundup & News, what's coming, Questions and discussions
 16.15-...  Evening event with food and drink. Don´t forget to register if you can participate

Register for the SP event before the 13th of Oct


Don´t hesitate to contact Carola Andersson or Micael Amandusson. We recomend you to book your hotel today. You can use our agreement at the Quality Hotel Waterfront and book your room for a better price. Refer to KUKA