The demand for automated guided vehicles is increasing significantly. With the KUKA flexMOVER, we provide a flexible, high-performance solution covering a broad spectrum – from the distribution of materials through to highly flexible integration in complex assembly systems.

KUKA flexMOVER: customized equipment and variants

As a specialist in the field of power train assembly, KUKA has developed the KUKA flexMOVER in order to meet specific customer needs in terms of payload, flexibility, scalability, efficiency and expandability even better. Custom-tailored to your requirements, the KUKA flexMOVER is available in three weight classes and with three different equipment packages:

  • KUKA flexMOVER Basic
  • KUKA flexMOVER Advanced
  • KUKA flexMOVER Professional

Comparison of the three variants:

Basic Advanced Professional

X (1x)

X (1x)

X (2x)

Optical data transceiver




Industrial PC




Radio or WLAN



Small controller


Each variant of these efficiency-optimized individual and complete solutions provides you with an upgradable and durable system with internal monitoring and documentation as well as multiple safety features such as floor scanners, safety relays and coded polling of charging enabling.

Advantages of the KUKA flexMOVER

Straightforward installation and short commissioning times

It is not necessary to carry out extensive floor work for the KUKA flexMOVER thanks to the technology that is used. The fact that the system is fully flexible and expandable, even when installed, guarantees a very high degree of availability and very little downtime.


Due to its compact dimensions and high maneuverability, the KUKA flexMOVER performs its tasks in confined spaces, using the available space in the most efficient way possible.

Custom-tailored complete solution

Thanks to the sophisticated modular system and the very wide range of applications, the KUKA flexMOVER can be used for many different tasks. Furthermore, KUKA provides support right from the product development phase, helping you to configure the appropriate vehicle type for the desired process.

Utmost precision and fast charging technology

For accuracy and efficiency when navigating, the KUKA flexMOVER uses precise sensor systems and camera technology. State-of-the-art thin-film capacitors enable charging in just a few seconds.

Ease of servicing and minimal maintenance

The KUKA flexMOVER boasts robust components, such as the low-wear drives, and long maintenance intervals.

Simple operation

By producing a vehicle with improved access, a lightweight maintenance flap, long range and intuitive operation, KUKA is focusing on the latest automated guided vehicle requirements.

Expandability and upgradability

The system remains fully flexible and expandable even in an installed state. This enables the KUKA flexMOVER also to be used on other lines with minimal need for modification.

With the KUKA flexMOVER, you are prepared for Industrie 4.0

The goal of Industrie 4.0 is to create fundamental competitive advantages. Two factors are key in this respect: advanced intelligent networking and products that continuously reconfigure themselves. The factory of tomorrow must be able to independently organize its production processes and continuously optimize them.

The KUKA flexMOVER is prepared for this transformation of the worlds of production: the key technology in this context is referred to as “predictive maintenance”. The KUKA flexMOVER is capable of self-analysis using sensors, enabling it, for example, to count the motor revolutions. This information can be evaluated, allowing preventive maintenance to be carried out at regular intervals.

Your partner for sustainable production

KUKA is already implementing highly flexible, digitized manufacturing processes that will open up new opportunities in a competitive environment and make a lasting change to the way we work and manufacture.

Ready for the smart factory: the flexMOVER can be easily integrated into future-oriented systems.

The KUKA flexMOVER in action

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