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KUKA cell4_cleaner/primer

This is a modularly-designed robot cell for the preparation of bonding processes by high-precision application of primer or cleaning material.

Very compact, flexible manufacturing cell for automated application of cleaner or primer

With high-precision dosing of a wide range of materials using diaphragm pumps, as well as flexible felt dimensions in length and gauge – the KUKA cell4_cleaner/primer cell is an impressively cost-effective solution for the pretreatment of material surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic before bonding or painting. Thanks to its modular concept with versatile automation options, it can be easily configured into a tailor-made solution for customers in the Tier 1 sector.

Production cell with modular design for increased efficiency in cleaner or primer applications

  • Simple integration

    The complete process equipment is included. It's prepared for customer-side workpiece holders and extraction.

    • Easy integration into a larger line via standard BUS systems
    • Safety PLC already included
    • Many cleaner and primer materials already tested and available
    • Dosing cabinet and waste container compatible with external suction systems
  • User-friendly maintenance

    All media-carrying parts such as pump or hoses are made of non-stick material and with high chemical resistance.
    • Very good accessibility to the dosing components via a pull-out
    • Automatic flushing functions can be configured via the KUKA smartPAD
    • The container for used felts is easy to empty
    • Remote Support included
  • Flexible cell design

    Various options for workpiece feeding according to requirements - whether with table, turntable or conveyor belt.

    • Built for various cleaning and bonding agents
    • Mounted on a common base frame for easy transport by forklift or truck
    • No use of pressure vessels necessary
Standard configuration :  
Cell type cell4_cleaner_primer compact single KR cell4_cleaner_primer compact KP1M single KR cell4_cleaner_primer compact DKP 400 single KR
Length 3.330 mm 3.860 mm 4.800 mm
Width 2.200 mm
Height 2.560 mm
Robot KR CYBERTECH (KR 20 R1810)
Positioner --- KP1-V2T250M DKP 400
Dosing device Membrane pump 
Felt supply Two lanes, length 1.000 mm
Felt dimensions
Width 8 to 16 mm, height 10 to 20 mm
Felt length 25 to 35 mm
Suction nozzle Prepared for extraction by the customer 
Insertion area Prepared for conveyor belt --- Roller gate with back step protection 

Option packages for KUKA cell4_cleaner/primer compact:

Depending on the requirements of the cleaner or primer application, different option packages can be selected:
  • Extended KUKA application software packages:
    • KUKA.ProcessScreen for monitoring an documentation of the process parameters
  • Operation and visualization with KUKA.HMI Advanced
KUKA cell4_cleaner/primer

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