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Service and maintenance packages for KUKA robots

You want KUKA support at service level or for the preventive maintenance of your KUKA robots? You want exclusive access to the KUKA hotline? Our service packages offer all that – and much more besides.

Enjoy all the advantages of being a KUKA contract customer and tailor your individual all-round protection. Our MaintenancePro, Service24 or Combi24Pro service packages help you to enjoy cost-effective production: with preventive maintenance management, you can detect optimization potential for your KUKA robots and systems at an early stage. And outside the maintenance intervals, you have exclusive access to our service experts around the clock.

Do not compromise – make the most of 100% service quality from the manufacturer.

MaintenancePro – robot maintenance with great effect

As a KUKA customer with a MaintenancePro agreement, you benefit from the know-how of the KUKA robot experts during annual preventive maintenance. The effective maintenance management detects weak points early, thereby improving system availability demonstrably*. With MaintenancePro, you reduce production downtime costs, delivery delays and consequential damage. You increase your productivity – while simultaneously reducing inspection times and ongoing training costs.

Top services of MaintenancePro

  • Basic inspection – In-line wrist maintenance – Main axis maintenance – Minor electrical maintenance
  • Detailed annual status report
  • Travel costs and expenses of the service specialists for annual maintenance are covered (optional)
  • Services tailored to your requirements


* Documented by long-term studies of customers with preventive maintenance management.

All maintenance services referred to above can also be ordered individually.
For optimal maintenance management of your robots: MaintenancePro.

Service24 – Round-the-clock access to the KUKA hotline

As a KUKA customer with a Service24 agreement, you are ensured service at the highest level: ourguaranteed accessibility and response time minimize unplanned downtimesreduce storage costs and enable transparent escalation scenarios.

Top services of Service24

  • 24/7 hotline support from KUKA robot specialists 365 days a year (individual standby number with priority access)
  • Guaranteed start of service specialist call-out within 2 hours of your call (within Germany), around the clock
  • Guaranteed preparation of standard spare parts for shipment within 2 hours of your call* 

* Included in the contract price for Service24 and Parts24.

On request, the level of service can be tailored to your individual needs with Parts24 or Hotline24.
With the Service24 package, you have access to the robot experts from KUKA at all times.

Combi24Pro – All KUKA service advantages in a single package 

Ensure the highest possible level of all-round reliability of your robot components from the outset. As a KUKA customer with a Combi24Pro agreement, you benefit from all the services of the MaintenancePro and Service24 agreements in a single package.

Additional agreement options for MaintenancePro and Combi24Pro

  • Travel costs and expenses for the annual maintenance visit (weekdays)
  • Data backup on spare hard drive
  • Fixed price for spare parts for robot
  • KUKA linear axis maintenance
  • Service flat rate
  • Spare parts flat rate
With Combi24Pro, you ensure the all-round reliability of your KUKA robot.

Overview of our top service packages for servicing and maintenance

Feature Hotline24 Parts24 Service24 MaintenancePro Combi24Pro
Exclusive hotline number (24 h a day / 365 days a year) X
X X + X
Service specialist call-out within 2 h      
Provision of standard spare parts within 2 h X X X
Analysis and error processing
* * *
Service call-out on site *
Basic inspection
In-line wrist maintenance
Main axis maintenance
Minor electrical maintenance


Documentation and maintenance certification X X
Travel costs and expenses + +
Data backup + +
Service flat rate + +
Spare parts flat rate + +
KUKA linear axis maintenance + +
KUKA JET gantry maintenance + +
X = Service included in the price of the Agreement
* = Service covered by the Agreement and invoiced on a time and material basis or at agreed flat rates
+ = Service optionally available as part of the Agreement 
For a complete overview, please request the detailed Service Agreement brochure.

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