i-do – The mobile home robot platform

Experience robotic intelligence that will enrich our daily lives.

Autonomous vacuum cleaners already whiz around many homes. Some lawns are tended to by robotic lawn mowers. Our i-do concept study, that we are presenting at HANNOVER MESSE 2018, goes a considerable step further, however. This involves a home robot platform that already hints at how we expect our homes to be in the future. Our home assistant is designed to assume all types of duties and makes our homes safer, achieving all this equipped with the requisite modular features and controlled by voice commands.

Domestic robots that create genuine added value are the next logical step in the intelligent automation of the world. The i-do study demonstrates how a modular, mobile robot system can already support us in our daily lives today.

Dominik Bösl, Vice President Consumer Driven Robotics

“I do... you good”

Just lean back.

Our home robot will transform your home into an oasis of wellbeing and create just the right atmosphere for you to relax in perfectly. 

Experience a whole new lifestyle with the KUKA home robot.

“I do... make you more productive”

Our home robot frees you from spatial limitations.

It is a source of inspiration and forges contacts. Beyond that, it ensures that the central focus is always on your priorities. 

The KUKA home robot can master many routine tasks for you.

“I do... many things”

Our home robot gets things moving in your life.

Whatever you do – it facilitates every move and fulfills every wish. This is because it listens carefully and is familiar with your requirements.

The KUKA home robot only knows one goal: meeting your needs to the fullest extent possible.

“I do... what you want”

What task should it perform? Check e-mail? Dim the light? Play your favorite song? No problem.

Our home robot simplifies your daily life and endows your household appliances with an extra portion of IQ. 

The KUKA home robot fully adapts to your everyday life.

„I do change... reality.“


Totally modular

Discover the added value that KUKA offers you. Our consumer robots can be adapted to your specific requirements by attaching a wide range of different modules.

Totally intelligent

No matter what you want to do – our home robot is intelligent enough to be precisely the home assistant you need. You can operate, configure, control and expand your system in no time with a single app.

Totally individual

Close your eyes and imagine your future home robot – what does it look like? No matter what materials, color or modules you have in mind – KUKA can make your every wish come true.

Totally flexible

You want to modify our home robot according to your wishes? No problem. In the K+ store, select modules from a wide range of different manufacturers and brands to design, expand and vary it at will.

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