The Master of Networking

Dr. Kerstin Höfle has had an innovative mindset since her childhood and engages in high-level networking. She naturally also makes good use of her particular abilities and character traits in her work in Industrie 4.0 Strategy at KUKA.

Dr. Kerstin Höfle - The Master of Networking

Dr. Kerstin Höfle – Born for Industrie 4.0

Even as a child, bringing different worlds together and helping them communicate came naturally to Kerstin Höfle. Her vision was an effortless exchange of information, which included every element – every single one of them.

Today she works on finding ways to network the all different machines and systems involved in the value creation process – despite their wide variety. As an innovative player, KUKA’s ecosystem seamlessly combines productive OT worlds with intelligent IT worlds and Big Data. Flexible production and new business models – everything becomes feasible and measurable.


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